Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday on June 2nd, marked my 5th wedding anniversary I share with my gorgeous husband James.

On Friday, with my younger sister minding the kids at home, we dined at Quay in Sydney to celebrate this milestone in our life. It was fun to dress up and drive in together, talking about how blessed we are to have met each other and for our relationship to be so strong and honest.

Guava Snow Egg

8 Texture Chocolate Cake

Here are 2 of my favourite photos from that very special day 5 years ago. We were married on Hayman Island in The Whitsundays, in front of an intimate party of 50 friends and family. Looking back at these photos yesterday made me slightly sad, as a few people have passed away since this day which made me realise how amazing and fragile life can be. I don't take my love for granted, and these photos remind me of how lucky I am.


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