Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bon Iver Live

In late November, I purchased tickets to see Bon Iver at the Sydney Opera House. I cried tears of happiness when those sweet tickets arrived in the post and I tucked them away safely until that special day.

That special day came yesterday. I have been excited about this show for so long, that I was actually nervous on the drive into the city last night. Would the show be all I wanted it to be? Would they sing my favourite songs? 

After a pre-show drink at Opera Bar, we hurried over to the Concert Hall and took our seats.

What transpired for the next hour and 45 minutes was nothing short of miraculous. I started crying about 13 seconds into the first song. I couldn't hold in my feelings any longer.

The setlist was absolutely perfect. A mix of old and new. The crowd and myself were in awe, respectful and enchanted by what we were all witnessing. If I had to pick a favourite track, then Perth, Beth / Rest, Towers, Calgary, Blood Bank, The Wolves [Act I & II], Creature Fear and Re: Stacks would have to top the list. 

Tears flowed as my heart swelled with love as every song seemed better than the last.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that music is a passion of mine. Almost gospel like. It's my religion. It's all around me, always. In the car, on my ipod at the gym, when I blog, in my house, always on.

When I got in the car and digested what I had witnessed, I realised that I had just seen the best show of my life. It was utter perfection. And best of all? I am blessed enough to be seeing Bon Iver again in 4 weeks at Coachella Festival

If you haven't already heard the brilliant Bon Iver, I highly recommend that this video below be the first taste of their talent. 

The latest act to record a unique set are Bon Iver who recorded their set recently at Air Studios, February 2012 in London.
Speaking about the simply shot but stunning session, the filmmakers behind, artists Iain Forsythand Jane Pollard it told Q: "Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best - two remarkable musicians [Justin Vernon and Sean Carey] in one of the best recording studios in the world, both playing incredible Steinway pianos. No jiggery-pokery was needed, we just captured what happened in that special moment."


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