Monday, February 13, 2012

Tag. You're It!

How hilarious is this pic!

Have you checked out Amelia aka Mama Museli Bar? She is pretty amazing. I love her blog and photos on instagram. We love the same music, the same movies. This is someone I would love to meet IRL. Remember the movie The Net? With Sandra Bullock? I remember seeing the acronym  "IRL" in that movie and thinking what the hell is that, IRL? In real life. A little geek reference there for you.

Anyway, Amelia tagged me with a set of questions, so here we go.

Describe yourself in 7 words:
Happy. Anxious. Perfectionist. Organiser. Critical. Funny. Pro-active.

What keeps you up at night?
My phobias. Someone will break into my house. Then Abi wanders into our room for a "cuddle" at 3am. And then Edward cries out at 5am needing a new nappy and a feed.

Who would you like to be?
Happy and anxiety free. Fearless. Living in the alps, with a good school nearby. My kids happy and healthy. Always finding new ways to love my husband and myself. Yeah, that sounds great!

What are you wearing right now?
A black and grey Bonds dress. It's what I call a house dress. I put it on the moment I get home from being out. It's cotton and comfortable.

What scares you?
Terminal illness. Death. Failure. Not being able to shed my extra weight.

What are the best and worst things about blogging? 

Best: The amazing community. The ability to connect with other people that you might not even know existed. To share in people's joy. To be inspired by parenting, cooking, travel, photography and general way of life.
Worst: Judgement. The feeling that you're not enough. Jealousy. 

What was the latest website you visited?
Virgin Active - booking classes for the week

What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
Let go of the fear and anxiety. Embrace the calm. Say no to people. 

Would I ever wear one? No. But is there a place for them? Possibly. If I lived somewhere super cold then I could foresee a slanket being part of my life. 

Tell us something about the person who tagged you?
Amelia is sweet and hilarious and someone I can really relate too. Her strength and courage inspires me.

The fun part continues. Now I get to tag 5 bloggers so they in turn can share 10 things about themselves. 

I tag:
Corinne from Daze of my Life
Lexi from Pottymouthmama
Court/Ballet Flats from Not My Only Shoes
Julie from Mama of 2 Boys
Amanda from Homely One

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Triple J Hottest 100 2011

I did a post last year about the Top 10. I didn't listen this Australia Day but when I heard the results, I was pretty surprised. What do you think of the top 10? Any of your favourites in there?

# 10

Hilltop Hoods - I Love It {Featuring Sia}

My review: I cannot stand Hilltop Hoods. End of story.

# 9

The Jezabels - Endless Summer

My review: I adore this song, this band, the lead singer. Was ecstatic to see them in the Top 10. Well deserved.

# 8

360 - Boys Like You {Featuring Gossling}

My review: Yuck. I can barely listen to 8 seconds of this song before clicking X.

# 7

San Cisco - Awkward

My review: Local Perth band San Cisco are pretty new to the scene but this song is pretty cute. Another hipster band, who I wonder if they will last the distance. I do love the female drummer though!

# 6

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

My review: It's still early days for LDR. I feel sorry for all the negative media coverage she is getting. Too big, too soon? Time will tell. This song was released in late October and STILL made the Top 10, so she definitely has a huge fan base in Australia. UPDATE: She has just announced that she is cancelling her upcoming Australian tour and all other future tours.

# 5

M83 - Midnight City

My review: I have been a huge fan of M83 for years. The hipster kids really jumped all over this single and its appearance in the top 10 didn't surprise me. I recommend listening to the WHOLE album though, it's musical genius. One of the best opening songs from a new album in a long time.

# 4

Boy & Bear - Feeding Line

My review: Sydneysiders Boy & Bear have had a huge year. Winning 5 Aria's in 2011, they had 3 songs in the Top 100. I should like them, but for some reason I'm undecided. This song is happy and harmonious though.

# 3

Matt Corby - Brother

My review: Holy mother of God. This song is brilliant. Corby was the runner-up in Australian Idol 2007 and was blessed he didn't win, considering so many people have gone onto sweet NOTHING after winning Idol. This song was written about an argument he had with a friend. The emotion and lyrics are amazing. Plus he is pretty easy on the eye, which helps. This is dreamy. I love it.

# 2

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

My review: The filmclip is hilarious. A struggling actor who was supposed to be an extra ended up being the star of the clip. The song? Amazing. I love The Black Keys, I highly recommend you check out their albums. They are performing at Coachella in April, and I am so.freaking.excited!

# 1

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know {Featuring Kimbra}

My review: Obviously the biggest song of 2011 took poll position. I love the song, the film clip, the artist. Gotye's songs have appeared in the Top 100 before and I'm sure they will again. But I'd appreciate the radio stations removing this song from their playlist. Time to move onwards and upward.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Currently - The Summer '12 Edition

Summer in Sydney? Hardly. I can count on one hand, the days of sunshine and temps over 30'c. This has been the coldest summer since the 1960's. While the rest of Australia has battled heat waves, flooding, cyclones, fires and storms, Sydney has been wet and humid and drab. It's so sad and miserable. 

So I'm declaring summer over. With only 3 weeks till Autumn arrives, I am looking forward to the change in seasons. 

Current Book
Donna Hay magazines, Michelle Bridges 'Crunch Time' cookbook and Bill Granger 'Basics'.

Current Playlist

  • Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness. This song is so fitting for our drab weather. Love her or hate her (and there are alot of haters!) her voice is haunting and beautiful at once.
  • Bon Iver - Michicant. I've proclaimed my love for Bon Iver many times. This song is so beautiful. I am counting down the weeks till their show at the Opera House. 
  • Givers - Up, Up, Up. This song is adorable. Listen now!
  • Active Child - Hanging On. A dreampop chillwave song if I've ever heard one. This is so lovely.
  • The Joy Formidable - Whirring. Cute as a button, this Welsh band have a distinct indie/alt sound. This reminds me of watching Recovery on ABC as a teenager.
  • Yuck - Get Away. These Brit rock lads sound like 90's rockers Sonic Youth. Great track.
  • Florence and The Machine - Take Care (Drake cover)
  • M83 - Wait. One of my favourite songs from the new album, this is dreamy.
  • M83 - Midnight City (Live in Sydney at Laneway Festival). I was there, and this was brilliant. AND I get to see them again at Coachella in 10 weeks!

Current Colour
Grey for clouds. Green for my lawn which is growing at Olympic speeds. Red for the gym.

Current Drink
Water. Up n Go Vive. Coffee. But I'm dreaming about mexican beer that I'll be drinking whilst in LA.

Current Food
Yoghurt. Cereal. Buffalo Mozzarella. Tuna salad. Dumplings. Noodles. Chicken schnitzel. Fresh rolls.

Current Favourite Show
Gossip Girl, Wife Swap, One Born Every Minute, Spicks and Specks and Modern Family.

Current Wish List
* Faster metabolism
* Edward's teething pain to subside
* Sunshine
* Lunch at Cafe Sopra

Current Triumphs
* Went to the gym EVERY day last week except Friday. Did 2 x spin classes.
* Have lost nearly 3kgs since 'Operation Get Fit' began.
* Booked in to see a new therapist to get some advice about my anxiety. This is a BIG deal for me & I'm excited and relieved.

Current Abigail
She had a rough week last week at Pre-School. Her little friend was absent both days so she was a little lonely. And a boy with behavioural issues was bullying her all day last Wednesday. She came home with some red marks on her and I discussed with her teacher. Apparently this boy hits several children and requires 1-on-1 attention so hopefully things will calm down soon. At the moment, she loves Shrek, Toy Story books, saladas for lunch, and had the best time with her Aunty and her boyfriend who babysit the kids on Sunday. 

Current Edward
The little man is teething at the moment. Which is hellish. Lots of tears, pulling of the ears, irritability and general sookiness. He eats MORE than his older sister and devours whole sandwiches, pasta, meatloaf, spag bol, and veggies. He loves bathtime, clapping, playing with Abi's toys like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and going in the car. 

Current Celeb Crush
Clooney. Getting better with age.

Current #1 Blessing
Edward and Abi are my blessings each and every month. But over the summer especially. Spending so much time together over the Xmas/holiday period makes me realise how truly blessed I am. Here they are, playing in the playroom together.

Current Excitement
* Going to the beach house next weekend for some R&R. Hoping for some sunshine too.
* Going to the gym with a friend. It's much easier going to a class when you have company. Thanks Leesh!
* Edward's 1st Birthday in 1 month which is going to be vintage circus themed.

Current App
Calorie King. Now I think twice before hitting the pantry. Did you know a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 852 calories?! Oh the humanity! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Coachella 2011 Fashion

Coachella has the rep for being many things. Hippy, boho, folky, pop and more. And some of the fashion seen at the festival looks pretty rad to me.

Check out some of last year's threads. Only 10 weeks to go!

All images via refinery29

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dream House # 9

I've been looking at dreamy houses all week. And this one, I couldn't resist to share. 

Situated in Mosman, just north of the city, this house is a dream. Literally my dream. When James and I discuss what we would do "if we ever won lotto', he describes a big house on acres of land and so on. Me? I picture my house on or near the water because it is my favourite element and I feel drawn to it, calmer near it. 

And IF we ever win lotto, we can have both houses, one in the county and one in the city.

This amazing house with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is situated on 1800sqm of land which is a HUGE piece of land in the city. Imagine the pool parties, imagine the sunsets and sunrises. This is one special home.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Less than 2 weeks till Valentine's Day. 

James and I don't really bother with V Day anymore. I remember the first year we were dating, I was 14 and he bought me a gold necklace from Goldmark. And a really cheesy card. It was hilarious. Then as we had more money to spend in our early 20's, we used to dine at fancy restaurants, exchange cards and flowers and trinkets. Now? I'll be happy to even get a card. From my card/stationary stash I have for emergencies. And I'm fine with that. We love each other 365 days of the year and February 14th is just another day. Save the puppy love for all those 14 yr old's out there.

Check out these rad gifts for people in L.O.V.E.

Images via urbanoutfitters

Image via Havaiana

Images via fredflare


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