Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nursery Love

My husband James is a massive Star Wars fan. He agreed with me that this is a very hip place for a wee baby to rest their head.

I love the lightsaber nightlights, the wall decals, Boba Fett lamp and most of all, the "Wampa" character rug. 

This has inspired me to finally decorate Edward's room. And this nursery has me green with envy. Check out more photos and words about Rocky's nursery here.

Dream House # 8

My recent addiction to Downton Abbey has led me to browsing real estate websites for houses in the country.

This one ticked all the boxes. No price listed so you guess is as good as mine. I'd say you would need to win lotto!!

Built in 1884, this gorgeous 6 bedrooms, 5 bathroom house on 12 acres of land which also includes guest house is nothing short of magnificent.

I'll start dreaming...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas 2011 Part II

Our first Christmas tree in our new house.

Abi's great grandmother gave her a special advent calendar on December 1st. These were some of the goodies in the boxes.

Christmas lights on our street.

Watching Frosty The Snowman on Christmas Eve.

Abi and Edward opening their Santa Sacks on Christmas morning. Edward loved scrunching the paper more than the gifts, as expected.

My simple but festive breakfast table on Christmas morning. This is the only shot I took, was too busy eating and being merry!

Edward with his great-grandmother Shirley.

Mum's Christmas Tree. It's always decorated with decorations collected from her travels all over the world.

The huge Santa decoration that my parents put out every year for the kids. He moves up and down.

Edward enjoying his Vegemite sandwich.

The parentals.

The kids table where all the action was! Abi with her cousins Mikey and Lucy.

The kids eating their ham and turkey.

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Lunch included ham, caprese salad, noodle salad, stuffing, asparagus with prosciutto, turkey and curried egg salad. We didn't have a hot lunch this year and it was nice to have a break from the huge, heavy hot lunch.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas. A month ago already. It came and went so quickly.

It was a long holiday for me. It started a few days before Christmas with Abi getting sick. Then Edward caught it. And took a turn for the worst. On the eve of Christmas Eve, I had been up with Edward ALL night long. My little babe who usually sleeps so soundly, could barely breathe while lying flat on his back so I had to hold him almost all night. He slept in his old bassinet in our room, just so I could watch him breathe. He coughed and cried and wheezed, it was heartbreaking.

On Christmas Eve, with only about 2 hours sleep under my belt, I got up at 6am and headed to Woolies. And it was packed. At 7am when the doors opened, the car-parks were full and trolleys sparse! So I did my huge shop as quick as I could and headed home. To find James holding both the kids, saying it was time for a trip to the medical centre. Abi was so sick and had already been to the Dr's that week, Edward could barely breathe, he couldn't breastfeed because he was so uncomfortable laying on his side. So off we went. Both kids had a bad case of croup and Edward had a middle ear infection. So we hit up the pharmacy for some antibiotics and headed home. Where I realised I had forgotten some items from Woolies so HEADED BACK there at around 5pm. And it was a ghost town, thank goodness! Abi was really sick when I got home, so James whisked her BACK to the medical centre for another check.

As I wrapped the last of the presents on Xmas Eve, I felt sick listening to my kids coughing and spluttering in their beds. So cruel to be sick on the best day of the year (for kids!) We placed the vaporiser in Edward's room to try and clear his chest.

They were both so sick on Christmas morning, I thought about cancelling the family breakfast I was hosting and skipping the family lunch and dinner too. But we pushed on and the kids were as good as they could be.

On the positive side, the kids were spoiled and so was I. A new coffee machine and juicer sit in my kitchen. A new white kindle sits on my bedside table. Abi and Edward enjoyed being with family and eating all the lovely Christmas foods. Our special day went a little like this:

7am - Kids wake and we open Santa sacks and shower.

8am - In-laws arrive at our place for breakfast including croissants, mangoes, fruit salad, fresh juice and champagne.

9am - Present time. My in-laws were WAY too generous this year and I temporarily lose my kids in all the wrapping and gifts under the tree.

10am - Edward has a nap while we clean up breakfast.

1pm - Drive the 5 minutes to my parents house for lunch.

5pm - Head home to drop off presents and change outfits. Feeling exhausted by now.

6pm - Drive the 8 minutes to my in-laws house for family dinner.

7pm - Dinner is served. Put Edward to bed.

10pm - Head home. Edward feeds and goes straight to bed. Abi is hysterically tired by now. Delirious and sick, she cough vomits in my bathroom and cries in the shower for 10 minutes.

12am - Hop into bed and fall asleep in 12 seconds.

Noosa Trip: People

Here are some of my favourite "people" photos of the trip.

Edward digging into his avocado on toast at Seasons Restaurant on Noosa Beach

My favourite photo from the trip. Taken before a ride on the buggy

My gorgeous younger sister and her BF Carl, who we have an ongoing joke with, because he looks like Warner from the movie Legally Blonde. Oh Warner! This photo was taken on NYE, a quiet dinner at home

Happy New Year Abs!

My folks. This photo was taken at lunch at Sails Restaurant on New Years Day. It was SO hot but gorgeous. 

Abi sick of posing for me, on New Years Day at lunch. She looks very 'Noosa' in her kaftan.

Dad and me on the boat, the most gorgeous afternoon.

Having a picnic down by the river, enjoying Vegemite sandwiches.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Noosa Trip : Australia Zoo

This was our 4th visit to Australia Zoo, but Edward's 1st time. He was obviously too young to enjoy the main show but he did love seeing the smaller animals and watching his older sister running around from exhibit to exhibit.

Australia Zoo is a 45 minute drive from Noosa, the kids slept on the way which was great. After dropping an obscene amount of money to enter the main gates, off we went to explore the zoo. Abi's favourite animals were the crocodiles, kangaroos and the new Africa exhibit. Bindi, now 13, is growing up and is the star of the main show. Her brother Bob, age 9 is the spitting image of his father Steve, and Abi thought he was really "funny" because he was cheeky and told jokes to the crowd. Terri is still wearing those high waisted jeans which should be outlawed if you ask me. She is too young to look so old!

Being inland, the zoo is incredibly humid and muggy. We happened to go on a 30'c day which felt even hotter in the jungle environment. We left around 4 hours after opening time and headed back to Noosa for a swim and icecream. Will we return again? Probably. But we will wait till Edward is older and can enjoy it more. Maybe next time we will go to PissWeak World instead.

Here are the best of the 'Zoo' photos from the trip.

This is the 1ST thing we had to do upon entering the park. Go on the kid's reptile cup ride. Abi loved it and wanted to ride it again and again. 

Loving the spinning snake pod!

Here's when the Canon DSLR battery gave up and I realised the spare battery was back at the house, dammit! Look at Bindi, all grown up, hurling a piece of rabbit towards this croc. Oooooooohhhhhhwaaahhhhhhh

Edward was well and truly over the croc show pretty quickly. His expression says it all really. Get.Me.Out.Of.Here!

Abi begged us to ride the pony so how could we refuse?! Now, of course, she wants a pony. Reminds me of Seinfeld. My sister had a pony, my cousin had a pony, I HAD A PONY!

This kid has no fear sometimes. She walked right up to every animal for a pat. This joey wasn't too keen on visitors so off he bounced. 

Abi in front of the giraffes at the new Africa exhibit. She loved watching them eat and walk around. It was SO hot here though, no shade at all. Blergh.

I love this photo so much. It looks really 80's, I don't know why. Maybe the legionnaires hat and the colour blocking t-shirt? She looks so grown up in this photo. Can't believe she is 3 & 1/2 yrs old.

The only photo of me at the zoo. Hot and bothered and over it by then. Peace out.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Noosa Trip : Water

As most people do in summer, we try and spend alot of time near, in or on the water. Noosa is great for this.

The beach is amazing. The sand is incredibly soft and white. The water temp is refreshing but lovely. The boardwalk is doted with amazing cafes, restaurants, shops and people.

The river is a short drive away and is the main attraction for watersports. Boats, jet skis, paddle skis, sailboats, swimmers, fisherman, all use the river from sunrise to sunset.

We hired a boat one afternoon and set course down the river to fish and enjoy the passing scenery of riverfront mansions, old houseboats, treehouses, waterskiiers and marine life.

My parents house has a small plunge pool in the yard which we used every day. At one stage, we had so many floats in there, you could barely swim a stroke but the kids loved it.

Here are the best of the 'water' photos from the trip.

James and Edward enjoying a dip

Abi riding, what appears to be a deer. We don't know why anyone would make a deer pool float? Deers don't swim do they?

Edward, a Piscean, is very comfortable in the water.

The lone pool noodle

Abs cooling off by the pool

Noosa Main Beach. It reminds me of Amity Island in the film, Jaws. The water is so clear and calm.

Abi in her beach get-up. I am super strict about being sun smart. My poor kids will be wearing these suits forever!

Noosa River

Edward having a steer of the boat, with a little help from his Pa.

Abi's turn to drive and she loved it!

Water-skiers sailing past our fishing spot.

My special little girl

Summer on the river


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