Friday, August 3, 2012

Currently - The Winter Edition

Long time no see. Winter has led me into a blogging hibernation. Sickness plagues our home this week. The days are short but seem long. Big changes are happening right now, to each and every member of this household. Read on.

Current Read
Online hotel websites, blogs, new books from Abi's 4th Birthday. 

Current Playlist

  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble
  • Django Django - Django Django
  • Van She - Ideas of Happiness
  • The Cast of Cheers - Family
  • Beach House - Bloom
  • Last Dinosaurs - In A Million Years
  • Twin Shadow - Confess


Current Colour
Neon and pastels for jeans. Blue for those cold wintery Sydney skies. Orange for citrus fruits growing on my trees. Yellow for the sunshine, which is almost here.

Current Food
Curries, stir-frys, cereals, buttery toast, iced coffee, veggies and the odd burger here and there.

Current Favourite Show
The whole family has been watching the Olympics together. We like the Weightlifting, Archery, Hockey and can't wait for the Athletics to begin. The new season of True Blood is as boring as ever. Seinfeld re-runs are keeping me sane. 

Current Movie
Nothing but classics here. Weekend at Bernies, Dirty Dancing, Dodgeball, Heavyweights.

Current Wish List
  • Winter be gone. I don't usually wish things away but winter is something I am ready to see the back of. Bring on spring and all her glory.
  • Direction. Our family is in a rut, going through some massive changes and we have had to re-adjust many aspects of our lives. 
  • A simple birthday celebration for my 31st Birthday in 3 weeks. 

Current Triumphs
The weight loss has slowed down a little, but at the moment I've lost 18kgs since January. That's 3 dress sizes. I'm wearing old clothes that haven't fit me for years. I still have a long way to go, but I have to be proud of what I've achieved.

Current Abigail
My big girl just turned 4 two weeks ago. We celebrated with a lovely 'Belle and Boo' themed tea party. The guest list was small, the food was simple and the day was effortless. My in-laws helped out which was a blessing. My parents are on their annual European adventure and missed the party but we face-timed them and Abi got to see her Nanna and Pa, live from their balcony on their Mediterranean cruise. Technology really amazes me sometimes. 
She likes playing with Barbies, doing craft every morning, colouring in and playing Reading Eggs on my Mac. She has started to wear little high heels around the house, which scares me most days. 4 going on 14. She received lots of new books for her Birthday which we have been reading every night. 

Current Edward
The baby has left the building. Teddy is officially a toddler and the tantrums come and go. He is walking, climbing, singing, laughing, eating like a machine, and growing in front of our eyes. He is cutting 3 new teeth at the moment, oh the joys. Lots of new words like yes, yum, bye bye, hi and shoes. He is a little blessing who worships his sister and missed her terribly when she is Pre-School. Cuddles, hot showers, long baths, In The Night Garden, books, blocks and the cubby house are his favourite things right now.

Current Celeb Crush
Christian Bale. The sexiest super-hero that ever lived. 

Current Blessing
The kids are happy and growing, my husband is the happiest he has been in a long time, spring is almost here, and all in all, feeling very grateful for what I have in life right now. Yes, there are unknowns ahead but I know I can embrace them head on.

Current Excitement
  • Did I mention spring yet? Sunshine, salty air, fresh cut grass, warmer evenings, growth, new beginnings, everything that comes with spring.
  • We are waiting to see if Abi has been accepted to the Early Learning Centre at her new Prep School. 
  • Another round of renovations is about to start. This will finally conclude all the work we had planned for this dumpy dwelling. It's now 80% finished and we can't wait to add the finishing touches.
  • New furniture coming from Oz Design, Domayne and NEW wallpaper that has been ordered. Check it out here. I needed advice before making such a big choice and Beth helped me make my decision. Thanks girl. 
  • 3 weeks till my Birthday. All I want is dumplings!
  • My whole family is heading to Hamilton Island in October for a week. 9 adults, 4 kids and lots of smiles. We are all so excited and talk about it weekly. 

Current App
Shazam for new music.
Scramble with Friends. My sister and I have been playing this like crazy!


  1. Oh Sam, so great to see a post from you... and what a fabulous run down of the going's on in your neck of the woods.
    Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl, she looks and sounds just lovely. Four is an incredible age... so much growing up going on... and they do resemble mini-teens, at times.
    Your little Edward sounds a lot like my little Felix, independent and clingy in the same breath, loving and missing his big bro when he's at preschool, loving In the Night Garden and gradually adding more words to his vocab... they're gorgeous at this age.
    Well done you with the weight loss, that is fantastic! You must be feeling pretty darn pleased with yourself... and absolutely should be.
    And reno's, now that IS exciting. We are just about to kick off with a few reno's around our place. SO MUCH to be done, so it will be a work in progress, probably a 5 year plan is realistic... but just getting a few key things done now, is going to make me such a happy camper.
    (Christian Bale IS hot, have to agree!)
    Enjoy your week lovely, look forward to your next update soon xoxo

  2. wow, 18kgs! What an achievement sam, well done! Agreed, christian bale. Enough said! The birthday countdown is on :) xx

  3. What a great little life update. Love it. x

  4. Abi is growing so quickly!! She and Grace would make a good pair crafting away together and playing Barbies :) And Hamilton Island??? SOOOO jealous!!! x



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