Sunday, May 6, 2012

LA + Coachella Wrap-Up Pt 1

The 7 day trip flew past so quickly, I had to really stop and soak in every moment or lose it in the hurried pace of our days.

On the morning of our departure, we woke early and savoured the quiet time with the kids. Ted was sick with croup but my Mum assured me he would be in fine hands with her, my Dad and sister who would be caring for them for the week. We dropped them off at Mums, unpacking their bags and preparing their things in the kids room at Mum's house. We set up toys and books and the playpen for Ted. We said our goodbyes and kissed and cuddled. It was really hard driving away, watching them wave goodbye to us.

We whizzed to the airport in a car transfer and barely had time to enjoy a drink in the lounge before our flight departed. 

The flight to LA was surprisingly good. I watched countless episodes of Modern Family then switched to movies including Bridesmaids, My Week with Marilyn and started J. Edgar but couldn't get into it, in my tight surroundings. I watched other Mum's on the flight, settling their babies, changing nappies and playing with their kids and I felt saddened I wasn't with my babies, but I told myself to enjoy the moment, knowing that holidays without kids are far and few. 

After arriving in LA at 9am and picking up our massive rental car, we headed to our hotel, The London in West Hollywood. We were upgraded to a suite which was a nice treat. We had views over Culver City and Downtown. We spent the next 48 hours, shopping in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, The Grove, Santa Monica, walking hand in hand talking about the kids and how much we missed them. We dined at a super cool mexican Cantina in Hollywood, scoffed In & Out burgers and enjoyed the gorgeous Gordon Ramsey restaurant at our hotel. 

Friday morning came, and it was time to drive the 2.5 hrs to Palm Springs where we would be based for the next 3 days. 

Here are some photos of our time in LA;  mostly taken on my iphone. I chose to only take my DSLR and to leave at home, my Canon & Panasonic point and shoot cameras. This decision came back to haunt me later in the trip, read on in Part II.

The night before, showing the kids what type of plane we were going on

Still have a long way to go!

Poolside at The London, West Hollywood

Rooftop lounge, we spent a few nights here at the bar

Shopping at The Grove

Getting homesick watching families enjoying this patch of greenery at The Grove

Sunset shopping, still at The Grove

View from our room in LA

Looking back to Sunset Blvd

View from the balcony, Culver City in sights

View from our room

Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in the hotel, where we dined for breakfast daily

Santa Monica beach

Urban Outfitters, Santa Monica

Beers and mexican at Mission Cantina, Hollywood

Mission Cantina, Hollywood

Very hip mexican Cantina with stained glass, round arches and fire pits

I was shocked that the Munchkins had a star... 

Grauman's Chinese Theatre... So touristy & pretty tacky. I couldn't understand why thousands of tourists were taking photos of stars.

Gorgeous window display in Louis Vuitton


  1. More fabulous photos, what an awesome holiday!
    I can imagine seeing families and children would have made you feel quite homesick, but this was a fantastic opportunity to enjoy each other's company and see some amazing sights... sometimes you've just gotta sit back and enjoy... and it looks like you did xo

    1. That was the hardest part of the trip, seeing other families.

      But I know it will be a LONG time before I travel without my kids again, so I savoured the moments.

      More photos to come soon!




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