Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Here's my card, which I adore. It's from Abel and Game, my favourite card shop.

Beautiful, simple words were strung together. Abi signed her own name and drew a chocolate cake and her and Teddy too.

We are off to Doyle's at The Rocks for a family lunch including 9 adults, 3 preschoolers and Teddy too.

I hope today is special for each and every Mum out there. To the old and young, the Mum's who are expecting a wee bub soon, to the Nannas and Grandmothers. My heart goes out to anyone who might struggle through today. We lost our Nanna right before Mother's Day and the feelings were still so raw when we had to celebrate a few weeks later. Go easy today my friends.

With that, I'm off to pick outfits and sip my latte.

Happy Sunday to you all and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy mothers day gorgeous! Hope you had a super lovely day. x

  2. Oh what a lovely post Sam. Such a delightful card, they really are the best part aren't they!? Sounds like you had a lovely day planned, hope it was just that. Happy Mother's Day xo



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