Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Currently - The Autumn '12 Edition

Current Book
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Mums

Current Playlist

Current Colour
Blue for jeans. Black for paint. White for snowy alpine dreams.

Current Food
Porridge, soup, teas, yoghurt, fresh fruit, protein shakes.

Current Favourite Show
New seasons of Mad Men & Downton Abbey. I am enjoying Masterchef so far. About to start Game of Thrones too.

Current Movie
  • My Blue Valentine - I had Tivo'd this ages ago and thought I would watch it. While it was harrowing and sad, the acting was brilliant. Yet I didn't find myself enjoy the film.
  • The Ides of March - This was James's pick and I thought after hearing the cast list, this would be a sure thing. Alas, it was not. The characters were not detailed enough, it skipped in sections and I felt like vital parts of the story were missing. Ryan Gosling was the star. Clooney felt arrogant and boring. Evan Rachel Wood was a standout too.
  • The Hangover Part II - I attempted to watch this on the flight to LA. It was so terrible. The story was exactly the same recipe as the first movie. The same lead roles but the supporting cast was terrible. I skipped through half of it and even then, I still knew what happened in the end.

Current Wish List
* More downtime
* Tropical holiday with my extended family
* Patience and forgiveness
* Do a creative course at Apple about making videos

Current Triumphs
This is the big one. I lost 12.9kgs on the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program. I finished in the Top 8% of the program. I am currently sitting at 15kgs lost since January 1st, which is just amazing. Granted, I still have a long way to go till I reach my goal weight, but I am pretty stoked that my hard work is paying off, well falling off! 

Current Abigail
My little love dove is turning 4 in less than 3 months. I cannot believe it. She is quite the comedian, cracking jokes and talking in funny voices. She hates showers and loves baths, although this changes every week. She loves Masterchef and watching people cook. Ironically, meal times are a real struggle at the moment. She shuns most new things until she sees her baby brother try it first. She loves jumping and dancing. Her favourite books at the moment are Finding Nemo, Dig Dig Digging and The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Abi + Ted posing at Kiama Blowhole last weekend

Current Edward
14 months old and we have a walking baby! He recently had his first hair cut too. On the weekend, Teddy ate tuna sashimi and prawns. He eats absolutely everything, especially if it's on my plate! He sleeps 13 hours a night, loves the bath and water. We started Gymbaroo last week and he seemed to like it. Not too many words yet, but that's ok. He's a listener, I can tell. The slippery slide, wheely bug, blocks, arrowroot biscuits, custard, bananas and ham are all other favourite things.

Half asleep at brunch @ Berry SourDough Cafe last weekend

Current Celeb Crush
Don Draper/Jon Hamm

Current Blessings
Good health, a supportive family, fresh air, sunshine, time for the gym, new friendships blooming, cocooning myself in the doona every morning.

Current Excitement

  • Starting Round 2 of Michelle Bridges 12WBT in 3 weeks. I am aiming to lose 15kgs.
  • Birthday extravaganza has begun. Many birthdays on the horizon, lots of shopping + cards + cake.
  • Planning a trip to the mountains in August for some skiing and alpine R+R.
  • Having just attended The Nursery Workshop hosted by Tim + Kesh Coulson, I have never been more inspired to take photos and feel connected to photography. I have a separate post with more debriefing coming soon. Here's a photo I took my with newfound skills!

Current App
Instagram for photography
Weatherzone for my necessary weather report before leaving my bed
Virgin Active to book gym classes

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  1. Gorgeous pics! I love that one of Abi with the heart sunnies - amazing! I think I'll have to borrow the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff book!



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