Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Triple J Hottest 100 2011

I did a post last year about the Top 10. I didn't listen this Australia Day but when I heard the results, I was pretty surprised. What do you think of the top 10? Any of your favourites in there?

# 10

Hilltop Hoods - I Love It {Featuring Sia}

My review: I cannot stand Hilltop Hoods. End of story.

# 9

The Jezabels - Endless Summer

My review: I adore this song, this band, the lead singer. Was ecstatic to see them in the Top 10. Well deserved.

# 8

360 - Boys Like You {Featuring Gossling}

My review: Yuck. I can barely listen to 8 seconds of this song before clicking X.

# 7

San Cisco - Awkward

My review: Local Perth band San Cisco are pretty new to the scene but this song is pretty cute. Another hipster band, who I wonder if they will last the distance. I do love the female drummer though!

# 6

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

My review: It's still early days for LDR. I feel sorry for all the negative media coverage she is getting. Too big, too soon? Time will tell. This song was released in late October and STILL made the Top 10, so she definitely has a huge fan base in Australia. UPDATE: She has just announced that she is cancelling her upcoming Australian tour and all other future tours.

# 5

M83 - Midnight City

My review: I have been a huge fan of M83 for years. The hipster kids really jumped all over this single and its appearance in the top 10 didn't surprise me. I recommend listening to the WHOLE album though, it's musical genius. One of the best opening songs from a new album in a long time.

# 4

Boy & Bear - Feeding Line

My review: Sydneysiders Boy & Bear have had a huge year. Winning 5 Aria's in 2011, they had 3 songs in the Top 100. I should like them, but for some reason I'm undecided. This song is happy and harmonious though.

# 3

Matt Corby - Brother

My review: Holy mother of God. This song is brilliant. Corby was the runner-up in Australian Idol 2007 and was blessed he didn't win, considering so many people have gone onto sweet NOTHING after winning Idol. This song was written about an argument he had with a friend. The emotion and lyrics are amazing. Plus he is pretty easy on the eye, which helps. This is dreamy. I love it.

# 2

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

My review: The filmclip is hilarious. A struggling actor who was supposed to be an extra ended up being the star of the clip. The song? Amazing. I love The Black Keys, I highly recommend you check out their albums. They are performing at Coachella in April, and I am so.freaking.excited!

# 1

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know {Featuring Kimbra}

My review: Obviously the biggest song of 2011 took poll position. I love the song, the film clip, the artist. Gotye's songs have appeared in the Top 100 before and I'm sure they will again. But I'd appreciate the radio stations removing this song from their playlist. Time to move onwards and upward.

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  1. Love your wrap up of the top ten! I pretty much agree with you on everything and have to say i'm not too keen on that Del Rey...

    xx jody



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