Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dream House # 9

I've been looking at dreamy houses all week. And this one, I couldn't resist to share. 

Situated in Mosman, just north of the city, this house is a dream. Literally my dream. When James and I discuss what we would do "if we ever won lotto', he describes a big house on acres of land and so on. Me? I picture my house on or near the water because it is my favourite element and I feel drawn to it, calmer near it. 

And IF we ever win lotto, we can have both houses, one in the county and one in the city.

This amazing house with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is situated on 1800sqm of land which is a HUGE piece of land in the city. Imagine the pool parties, imagine the sunsets and sunrises. This is one special home.


  1. Oh where the beautiful people live, our pick is Balmoral darling, absolutely!! Love Posie



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