Thursday, January 19, 2012

Noosa Trip : Water

As most people do in summer, we try and spend alot of time near, in or on the water. Noosa is great for this.

The beach is amazing. The sand is incredibly soft and white. The water temp is refreshing but lovely. The boardwalk is doted with amazing cafes, restaurants, shops and people.

The river is a short drive away and is the main attraction for watersports. Boats, jet skis, paddle skis, sailboats, swimmers, fisherman, all use the river from sunrise to sunset.

We hired a boat one afternoon and set course down the river to fish and enjoy the passing scenery of riverfront mansions, old houseboats, treehouses, waterskiiers and marine life.

My parents house has a small plunge pool in the yard which we used every day. At one stage, we had so many floats in there, you could barely swim a stroke but the kids loved it.

Here are the best of the 'water' photos from the trip.

James and Edward enjoying a dip

Abi riding, what appears to be a deer. We don't know why anyone would make a deer pool float? Deers don't swim do they?

Edward, a Piscean, is very comfortable in the water.

The lone pool noodle

Abs cooling off by the pool

Noosa Main Beach. It reminds me of Amity Island in the film, Jaws. The water is so clear and calm.

Abi in her beach get-up. I am super strict about being sun smart. My poor kids will be wearing these suits forever!

Noosa River

Edward having a steer of the boat, with a little help from his Pa.

Abi's turn to drive and she loved it!

Water-skiers sailing past our fishing spot.

My special little girl

Summer on the river


  1. Gorgeous water images, looks like beautiful weather and a tremendous time was had. Your littlies are adorable. We unfortunately only spent about an hour in Noosa, would have loved to stay longer, but ran out of time. Gives us a nice excuse to go back up there now ;o)

  2. Noosa is the ultimate beach holiday!



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