Thursday, October 27, 2011

7 Billion Inhabitants

The world's population is expected to hit seven billion in the next few weeks.

After growing very slowly for most of human history, the number of people on Earth has more than doubled in the last 50 years.

And me? I am 4,544,406,922nd person alive on planet earth. Pretty impressive isn't it. To find out your special number, click here.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Woken up with James sitting on my feet as he sits on the end of the bed and ties his trainers and leaves for the gym. Roll over and snooze.

Wake up to hear Teddy talking through the monitor. Bring him into my bed and we cuddle then Abi comes in, crying, asking for me to put on Disney Junior so she can watch her 'shows'.

Repair guy from Fisher and Paykel arrives to fix the double dish drawer. He takes 45 minutes to replace a part while I feed Ted and Abi breakfast.

Slice finger open with knife trying to remove stupid child proof cap on baby food. Major ouch.

Put Ted down for his morning nap. Abi watches ABC2 while I clean and do washing.

Make coffee and consume quickly.

Ted wakes from nap and we play and cuddle and laugh.

Unload stuff from my car and bring inside. Boxes, clothes for Ted, etc. I come back to find Ted here, not under his climbing frame but on the floor with his feet under the sofa. EEK! He moves! He crawled, did I miss it? Or he rolled over many times in a row and I missed that too? Damn it.

Feed Ted and Abi lunch. Abi enjoys cruskits with Nutella, Ted has banana porridge and then yoghurt.

Put Ted down for his afternoon nap. Abi and I play all afternoon, doing puzzles, building cities out of blocks, just enjoying each other's company.

I give in and let Abi play Mario on the Wii. She can't really play so I end up helping her. Then I end up hijacking the whole thing and playing for another hour! I'm a HUGE Mario Brothers fan from way back. Picture me, getting upset as I lost to Bowser many times. Then I realise the time and turn it off.

Ted wakes, after a HUGE nap. We play and cuddle and watch Abi dance around to music with her wand, casting spells on us.

I make Abi's dinner and feed Ted. He has pumpkin with cous cous, avocado and chocolate custard which he doesn't finish but Abi polishes off.

Bathe and dress Ted for bed.

James walks in the door from work. Ted is enjoying his last feed for the day. Abi is asking to play her itouch.

Abi is on the sofa playing Angry Birds. James and I both have a Lean Cuisine for dinner. It's mildly depressing but healthy.

I head to Woolies to buy some essentials. Tomorrow night we are heading to my Mum's for dinner and I am making Lasagne and Rice Pudding for dessert.

Driving home, pull onto my street and a teenager up the road is having a HUGE party. An 18th Birthday perhaps, or an End of Yr 12 party? Either way, it looks pretty fun. Maybe 75 cars I passed, all parked down my road. I drive past slowly and see teenagers making out, getting drunk, dancing in the rain, music pumping, strobe light flashing. I seriously wanted to pull over and go inside and see what a young party looks like again. But remind myself that;
A) I'm a 30 yr old Mum, who would appear ancient to these young kids.
B) I'm wearing leggings, nike trainers, an oversized red flannel shirt that Abi calls the "Jessie Cowgirl" shirt, hair in messy bun, looking a wreck.

Watch videos and read tributes for Steve Jobs, who passed away today. A true genius, a real inventor, a man who changed the world. Sure, he wasn't perfect, but no-one is.

Hit 'publish' on this post, then head to bed with a bowl of yoghurt and 2 new magazines.

That was my Thursday.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Currently - The September '11 Edition

Current Book
Again, nothing at the moment. But I just bought my husband an Amazon Kindle for Father's Day so I fully intend to borrow it often.

Current Playlist

Current Colour
Grey for rainy days. Red for the new gym. White for clean sheets on the bed.

Current Drink

Water. Coffee. Milk. Coke Zero. This category will be boring until I finish breastfeeding!!

Current Food
Yoghurt. Museli. Dried fruit and nut mix. Cheese.

Current Favourite Show
The new season of Glee has begun and already drama has erupted. I love Dianna Agron's new haircut.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has finished for another season and it was absolutely brilliant. I actually cried in most of the episodes, they were so funny. The Office has just started again, the new season without Steve Carell. It will be interesting to see if the show tanks without him as the star.

Current Wish List
More motivation to head to the gym every day. Good fortune. Personal training with Michelle Bridges.

Current Triumphs
I joined a gym, haven't stepped foot in a gym since 2007 so it's a pretty big deal for me. And I've lost 2kgs since. Again, not alot, but I'm taking baby steps to be more healthy.

Current Abigail
Abi is now swimming most lessons without ANY floaties at all. She loves to swim but hates her goggles. She loves to dive and jump and chat in the pool with her teacher. Abi is Edward's favourite person and she is a very good little helper with him. Almost every day, she asks to watch the movie 'Tangled'. And her doll of the moment is 'Hazel', a baby Cabbage Patch doll which she pretends to breastfeed and burp.

Current Edward
Teddy, as we call him, loves to eat. His favourites are custard, yoghurt, blueberries, banana, broccoli and pumpkin. He is sleeping through the night and wakes most days at around 7am which is fantastic. His favourite time is bathtime or reading and chewing on books. He said his 1st word, BUBBA, a few weeks ago. And he is almost saying MAMA too. He is 7 months old next week, I cannot believe it.

Current Celeb Crush
Kate Winslet. Mother of 2. Hero. Actress. I love her. And her body? Insane.

Current #1 Blessing
My Mum has been a real support to me over the past few weeks. Yes, she is my best friend and we have a fantastic relationship, but the last few weeks have been a little trying and she has offered verbal and physical support, which without, I would have really struggled. Love you Mama!

Current Excitement
Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Abi is already talking about it, the tree, the "party" at Nanna's house on Christmas Day, going on holidays. I'm excited about James having 2 whole months off from Grad School from November to January.

Current App
OzWeather - to get current and accurate weather updates before I head out with the kids to the park, shops, etc. Nerdy but essential.

Minti Summer Collection

I love finding and buying clothes for my kids. Even more than I love buying clothes for myself. 

One of my favourite brands 'Minti' just released their new summer collection for kids and I love it. I could do some serious damage on the credit card but will try and restrain myself. I have bought things from Minti in the past and the quality is really fantastic which is really important when buying kids clothes. 

Here are some of my favourite items on my wish list:


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