Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Renovation Photos - The Main Bathroom

The main bathroom was SCARY when we bought the place. It was 3 pokey rooms. Separate toilet, separate vanity and then main bathroom area with shower and corner spa bath. 

So out with the old and in with the new.


 There wasn't any room to move. The spa was way too big for such a small area.

The shower was leaking in the walls and causing water damage and wood rot.


 Everything is new in the bathroom. The only downside is it's quite large and tiled so freezing at night!! This is the main bathroom and will only be used by guests. Abigail has her own ensuite and James and I have a master ensuite.

 I picked the tiles and fixtures. I'm really happy with the finished result.

 The bathtub is really deep and I can bath with both kids easily with room to spare. 

 Love the huge double mirror and double vanity. The vanities are custom built. I chose the under mount sinks too. 

Renovation Photos - The Formal Living Area


These are just a few quick photos to let you see the final result of the reno! 

Here is the rundown of our renovation.

House purchased in October 2010.
We decided that it needed complete gutting and removal of some walls and almost all fixtures.
Renovations began in December 2010. I have lost count how many tradesmen have been through my house but to give you an idea I've a draftsman, builder, apprentice builder, plumber, landscaper, tiler, painter, floor specialist and more!

Almost everything in the house is brand new. New garage doors, carpet, bamboo floors, kitchen, bathrooms, some new walls, all new LED lights, new fans, new doors and handles, new blinds and new windows.

Here is the formal living area before and after. The before shots were taken just after we made an offer on the house. I was 5 months pregnant in the photo. And my hair looks crap. My inlaws are also in the photos below. It's quite hard to see what we did here. We knocked out walls to open the area up. It was a formal living/dining area but it was very narrow and a wasted space in our opinion. Now it's a formal living area. With no furniture yet!


 Formal living area

 Looking at onto the porch

 This photo gives you an idea how UGLY everything was. The old bar was the 1st thing to be ripped out.

 This room was dark and cold. You can make out in the photo, but the carpets were soaked and stained with cat urine.

 Through those doors, lead into the old kitchen and hallway. It was pokey and narrow. 

Formal dining room


 New windows and shutters. New lights. Air conditioning added. New front door. New floors.

We knocked out the old windows and added new stacker sliding doors that open onto the undercover pergola. 

 This is the view from the front door. Now the house is long and open instead of little rooms and narrow halls.

New front door. I chose this. Everyone loves it. It weighs a tonne though! 

New plantation shutters, I love them.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Currently - The June '11 Edition

Current Book: When I have the chance, I am off to purchase the new Charlaine Harris book, the latest release in the Sookie Stackhouse collection.

Current Playlist:

  • Bon Iver - Perth (Paper Tigers Remix). Amazing. Bon Iver is a musical genius.
  • Editors - No Sound But The Wind. Off the New Moon soundtrack. I can listen to the Editors all day.
  • LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem. There is no escaping this song. Abi and I love dancing to it.
  • Lupe Fiasco - Out Of My Head ft. Trey Songz. This song is f-u-n-k-y! I turn it up and roll my shoulders and get jiggy.
  • The Potbelleez - From The Music. This makes me want to dance. Sure, it's loaded with cheesy riffs but it makes me want to run, dance and jump!
  • Bon Iver - Calgary. I couldn't resist adding this to my playlist. This song is devine. 

Current Shame - Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Showering for a few minutes longer than usual. Baby it's cold outside!

Current Colour: Green grass in the yard. Grey skies.

Current Drink: Water. Fresh orange juice.

Current Food: Yoghurt and museli, weetbix, salads, salmon patties, lamb meatballs, pasta, ragu, pork stirfry.

Current Favourite Show: True Blood has started again. Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development for a good laugh.

Current Wishlist: For my random junk on ebay to sell!

Current Needs: The usual. More time for me, to sleep and exercise.

Current Triumphs: Abi has been wearing undies for 2 weeks now, with only 2 accidents. She has really grasped toilet training quickly and I hope it's all upwards from here. I bought her some cute Rio undies from Big W on the weekend which she chose. And Edward rolled over too! What a champ!

Current Bane of my Existence: Trying to get to the bottom of the washing basket. It may never happen. Also, having tradespeople at my house nearly every day for the past month. Last week involved a plumber, builder, landscaper, pool man, installation of blinds and shutters and deliveries from Matt Blatt and Domayne. 

Current Celebrity Crush: Pink. I've always liked her. Yes, her music is mainstream but I like her attitude to many things. Including motherhood. She has stepped out in the spotlight with 1 month old daughter Willow and shock horror, has a normal post baby body. It feels satisfying to finally see a celebrity mother looking like the rest of us look after giving birth. Go girl!

Current Indulgence: I've cut the iced coffee from my diet but allowed myself to have one on the weekend as a treat. And a lamington too!

Current #1 Blessing: The house. It really has come together well. We love being here, living here. 

Current Slang or Saying: Where's my boofy - To Edward... Do you need to use the loo - To Abi... 

Current Outfit: Bonds Trackies, ASOS jeans, Toms shoes, Vans, Nikes, ASOS cardigan, 

Current Excitement: We are having a Mickey+Minnie Mouse themed party for Abigail in 3 weeks, she is so excited. I'm pretty chuffed to be pulling out my Mickey ears for a good cause.

Current Mood: Happy. Super happy.

Current Link: 
  • Babyology - for the best updates and baby related news
  • - for great ideas for spring fashion
  • - I've just started selling some stuff here and while I'm still new to it, it's pretty fun!

Current App: OzWeather - to know what the elements will be like before I leave the house!


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