Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Jogger

Look what arrived at my house this week, my new Baby Jogger City Elite Double pram.

Even though Abi is nearly 3, and never uses a pram anymore, she surprisingly LOVES it. I wanted a double pram to start exercising and going on daily walks and so far, she loves sitting for 45 minutes on the walk as we stroll the streets.

This pram is amazing. It weighs a whopping 16kgs though, which means when I add both the kids in the pram, I'll be pushing some heavy resistance around my local streets. I'm hoping to transform my "tuckshop lady" arms into toned, buff arms.

I look forward to long walks in the fresh air, getting fit, exploring our local area and most of all, the kids to get out and about and see new things along the walk.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Currently - The May '11 Edition

This is my 1st post in what seems forever! Will get my act together and post about the house / move shortly.

Current Book: No time for books this month. Just manuals and warranty cards for all our new household appliances. Boring!

Current Playlist:
  • Kylie - Beautiful. This song slid under the radar on her latest album but for me, it's a standout. I'm seeing her in concert next week and cannot wait. Her shows are always fantastic.
  • Robyn - Hang With Me. I love Robyn. I saw her live in Singapore in 2008 and she blew me away. Love how this song makes me feel. Reminds me of my girlfriends.
  • Jack Johnson - Never Know. Cruisey tune to unpack boxes and do mundane tasks like fold mounds of washing.
  • The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance). Absolutely wicked song. I have a huge desire to go dancing and hear this. Played loudly. 
  • Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight. One of my favourite bands from 2009 have just released their second album and this is the 1st single off it. I love their new sound. They are super good live too!
  • Beyonce - Run The World. Turn it up. End of story. Who run this mother, GIRLS!!
  • Bon Iver & St Vincent - Roslyn. This song featured on the Twilight New Moon soundtrack. One of Bon Iver's best tracks for sure.

Current Shame - Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Using the dryer every day. I know, I'm terrible Muriel, but the path to my clothes line is covered in overgrown weeds and it looks like Jumanji out there. 

Current Colour: White. I'm loving white right now.

Current Drink: Water. Iced Coffee. Green tea. Peppermint tea. Nursing tea.

Current Food: Stir fry, salmon, lasagne, meatloaf, pasta dishes, chinese takeaway, porridge, wraps, yoghurt.

Current Favourite Show: Masterchef!! Yes, I have jumped on the Masterchef bandwagon. On behalf of Abi, we are loving Cat in the Hat on Disney Junior too. 

Current Wishlist: A holiday. A real holiday with no laptops and iphones. Just my loves and me. And some sunshine too. 

Current Needs: A cleaner who likes to get her hands dirty cleaning my house. A landscaper to build the retainer wall along our front yard. The obvious needs too: more sleep, and more time to exercise.

Current Triumphs: 12 weeks on and breastfeeding is still going strong with Edward. I feel more confident and comfortable breastfeeding the 2nd time around and hope to nurse him as long as possible. I love the bond we share and the beautiful smiles I get from him during the feeds. Abi is sleeping in her new room, in her big girl bed with no dummy. 

Current Bane of my Existence: Washing clothes. Drying. Folding. Sorting. Repeat. Also, my hair is FALLING OUT! I remember I had this when I was breastfeeding Abi too. But this time it's much worse. I have bald spots all over my head and the bathroom floor looks a fright! Like we have a pet cat. 

Current Celebrity Crush: Johnny Depp. No words necessary.

Current Indulgence: Chocolate sundaes. Iced Coffee. Super hot showers on a cold morning. Wearing tracksuit pants all day and night. 

Current #1 Blessing: Having James work from home as often as he does. I've been able to duck up to the shops and do things while leaving the kids with him. It's not that I don't love my kids, but heading to the Country Road or David Jones sales with 2 smalls is quite hard. I need both hands to carry all those red ticketed items!

Current slang or saying: Has Edward done another poo? Can you change his nappy? Giggle and hoot, HOOOOOOOOT.

Current outfit: My daily attire consists of jeans, nike trainers, Bonds hoodies and tracksuit pants, Zara scarf, new RayBan specs.

Current Excitement: Edward is smiling and laughing and growing right before my eyes. I love him to bits. He is my little prince. The house is finally starting to look like a normal home, not that "we just moved in" phase. James bought a new car yesterday and expected delivery is in 2 weeks, what a bonus! No 3-4 month wait like most other cars right now. Also, we just bought a new imac and it's amazing. I'm still adjusting to the magic trackpad but the computer is so easy to use. Abi loves using the photobooth application.

Current Mood: Stressed to be still living with all the boxes and mess. Frustrated living without so much necessary furniture. We have no dining table, no sofa, no blinds or shutters and no garage. My car is too big to fit in the current garage, so we are having the whole triple garaged widened with new doors. This is happening next week, until then, I am parked outside on the driveway and have to run with the kids in the rain to get them in the car. Major boo boo.

Current Link: 
  • Ebay - for great bargains.
  • David Jones - best range of cookware and homewares at the moment. Especially with the sales on.

Current App:
  • Twitter - I have been using Twitter more recently than Facebook. I have started following some of my favourite celebs and they write some WEIRD updates. Steve Martin is pretty funny. Sarah Silverman too.


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