Sunday, May 1, 2011

Currently - The April '11 Edition

Current Book(s): No new books this month. I am hoping for a new book for Mother's Day. My picks would be:

Current Playlist:
  • Gypsy And The Cat - Sight Of A Tear
  • Rockabye Lullaby: Coldplay - The Scientist. This goes down perfectly when Edward is crying in the car after a long day. He falls asleep immediately!
  • Foo Fighters - Rope. The Foos are back and I likes it!
  • Rockabye Lullaby: Kanye West - Stronger. This lullaby is awesome. Time to get my groove on in the nursery.
  • The String Quartet (Tribute to Moby) - God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters. This song featured in the Big Love finale and I bawled!

Current Shame - Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
Easter Eggs and hot cross buns. I'm actually glad Easter is over. I indulged but now it's time to curb all that surgery goodness from my diet.

Current Colour: We are choosing colours for the house. Grey for the sofa. Taupe for the walls. White for the shutters.

Current Drink: Water, Vitamin Water, Coke Zero and milk.

Current Food: Yoghurts, Up n Go's, Spinach wraps for lunch, avocado, iceblocks.

Current Favourite Show: United States of Tara is back and it's brilliant. Toni Collette is amazing. But the supporting cast is just as good. John Corbett is seriously hot.

Current Wishlist: A holiday. We *almost* booked a holiday to Hawaii in September but decided not to. I mean a real holiday too. Where I turn off my iphone, and James leaves his laptop at home... I wish!

Current Needs: Sleep. Clean sheets. A Woolworths gift card. A housekeeper to clean my forgotten floors.

Current Triumphs: I feel like I've overcome the big hurdle with breastfeeding. 8 weeks on and still going strong. Abigail is receiving lots of attention and special 1on1 time with me so I feel pretty happy about that.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Washing tiny swaddles and wondersuits and singlets. It's not a chore, but all I do is wash, wash, wash!

Current Celebrity Crush: David Beckham. He looked insanely hot at the Royal Wedding, he's a family man and an unreal athlete. S.E.X.Y

Current Indulgence: It was iced coffee and Starburst lollies but I just said goodbye to sugar yesterday. I will try and last a whole month without them. Fingers crossed!

Current #1 Blessing: A good friend. She knows who she is. I haven't had much help from family since Edward was born. James has been fantastic but apart from that, I've had little visitors or help. This special friend has been fantastic. Lots of support and an ear to listen.

Current Slang or Saying: I'm going to pump. Has he done a poo? What time is it? Where did I put my phone? (As you can see, I have MAJOR baby brain still!)

Current Outfit: Maternity singlets, Bonds tracksuit pants, Asos jeans, Le Sportsac Baby Bag

Current Excitement:
One word. HOUSE. Ready this week. Cannot believe it.

Current Mood: Exhausted. Excited. Anxious. Short tempered. Overwhelmed. Underwhelmed.

Current Link:

Current App:

  • Baby Connect - great for counting diapers, milestones, health checks, vaccines.

  • Oz Weather - I like to know my forecasts!
  • Angry Birds Easter - lots of fun as always.
  • Shopping List - great for writing and saving lists to do the groceries
  • LineUp2 - great for when I'm feeding Edward at 4am and need to stay awake!


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