Thursday, March 31, 2011

Currently - The March '11 Edition

Current Book (s): Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall. And just ordered Heart to Heart Parenting by Robin Grille.

Current Playlist: Have been way too busy to have a real listen to anything new this month. Have just downloaded the following albums and will give them a spin soon:
  • Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
  • Metronomy - The English Riviera
  • Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew
  • Toro Y Moi - Underneath the Pine
  • Glee: The Music - Volume 5
  • The Naked and Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You

Current Shame - Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Candy. Iced Coffee. Chocolate. Paddlepops. American Idol. I'm terrible Muriel...

Current Colour: Green for poo. White for milk. Blue for Teddy's eyes.

Current Drink: Water. Iced Coffee. Fresh orange juice.

Current Food: Lamb meatballs, lasagne, bacon+zuchini pasta, jatz, museli bars, cheese, fresh fruit.

Current Favourite Show: I've started watching Sunrise on 7, because I'm usually feeding Teddy at that time. It's terrible TV, if you can call it that. Also, new season of 30 Rock. Big Love just finished its last season, I cried during the finale. United States of Tara Season 3 just started this week, the 1st episode was brilliant.

Current Wish list:
  1. For Edward to gain some serious weight.
  2. For my milk supply to increase.
  3. To push myself to sleep when the kids sleep.
  4. For the house to finally finished. C'mon boys!

Current Needs:
A nanny or house keeper. Shary Boppins will do.

Current Triumphs: Finally am feeling better after a bout of mastitis. My breastfeeding attachment is good but my milk supply is weird. Am hoping things will settle down in the next week or so.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: I feel like a feeding cow at the moment while Edward and I get into a routine. At the moment, I feed him, burp him, settle him, then play with Abi, clean the house, do some washing, check my emails, then it's time to feed him again!

Current Celebrity Crush: Matt Damon. I love his comedic role as Tina Fey's pilot boyfriend, Carol, in 30 Rock. I loved him as Jason Bourne as well. He is a hot, family man.

Current Indulgence: When both the kids are asleep, I take a longer-than-usual shower. It's my quiet time.

Current #1 Blessing: James has been able to work from home quite a bit since Edward was born. I've had a few days on my own but I've loved having the extra set of hands to help me.

Current Slang or Saying: It's time for a feed again. Would you hand me a cloth? Can you pass me my feeding pillow? Can you go downstairs and get me a kit kat?

Current Outfit: Lovable Maternity singlets. Am living in them! My OLD jeans fit me which is awesome. I miss my pregnancy belly but love wearing things that don't have elastic waists.

Current Excitement: Easter is around the corner. Which means chocolate. And public holidays. The house renos are ALMOST finished. I have been picking things out of the IKEA catalogue and getting vey excited to finally be in the house.

Current Mood: Happy. Tired. Excited.

Current iphone Apps:

Angry Birds Rio - This game is super fun for killing time.

Hipstamatic -
Love this app for taking pics of the kids while out and about.

ibaby feed - This app is amazing. It helps me track all my breastfeeds, reminds me which side to start on next and gives me an average feeding time as well. It alerts me with a 10 minute warning before Edward is due for a feed as well.

Current Link:

Monday, March 28, 2011


Abi in her high chair

Wearing my chain necklace

Abi and Ted on our daily walk down on the wharf

The P&O docked at the wharf today

The living room, a little neglected after a hectic morning

Abi and her gorgeous smile

Teddy wakes after a snooze

Teddy ready for his feed, YUM!

Feeling a little rough the other night, good thing newborns are so cute!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flashback Friday.

Bette Midler - Baby Mine

I cannot listen to this song without crying. Even before I had Edward, this song always makes me cry. Whether I think about Dumbo, or the movie Beaches, it just evokes something deep in my heart.

I have been singing this to Edward all week, especially at bedtime. So this week's song is for my baby love Edward who we have started calling Teddy.

Happy Friday everyone xx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Date: 24/3/11
Time: 6:45am
Place: In bed feeding Edward

I've seen lots of sunrises in the last fortnight. I used to see many a sunrise in my clubbing days but it's been awhile since I would ever voluntarily rise before 8am.

I actually love this time of the day. Before the city is busy and bustling. Before the ferries and river cats toot their way down to the wharf. Before Abigail is up and about. James was up early this morning, preparing for an exam at Grad School. The days do feel SO much longer though when you start so early. But Edward's smile and gazes make up for the lost sleep.

Here is a lovely mellow song to get us through the day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

24 hours

The last 24 hours have been rough. Really rough. I'm feeling slightly better this evening but woah mumma, I was a bag of emotions last night.

Yesterday morning we had a photographer friend come to the apartment to take some family photos. And it just wasn't meant to be. Edward was unsettled for 90% of the shoot, as you can expect with a newborn. At one stage, he was lying nude on this beanbag and I picked him up for a cuddle and he wee'd and poo'd all over me. It was hilarious. Abi didn't want to be in any photos and I was a terrible mother, offering her bribes like candy, cupcakes and lollies and she finally caved and smiled for about 10 photos.

After the photographer left, Edward slept briefly while we lunched and cleaned the apartment. Then off we went to Castle Hill to visit the Early Childhood Clinic for Edward's 1st check-up. The nurse was a complete bitch. She said all the wrong things. Also, she looked like a slightly slimmer version of Mama Fratelli from The Goonies.

Edward has lost 20 grams since being discharged from hospital and this nurse really came down on me hard about it. It really shook my confidence and made me feel like a failure. I'm not following any set guidelines and I'm demand feeding him whenever he wants and she basically implied that I have been neglectful.

After we left the clinic, while James minded Edward in the car, Abi and I popped into Castle Towers to buy a dummy for Edward and some breastpads for myself. I got tired walking through the mall and a little shocked that this will be my life in a few weeks. Suburban house wife. With 2 kids. It rattled me abit and I got back to the car and confessed to James that I will miss city living sometimes.

Things really got bad on the drive home. I started to feel weird. And by the time we got home and started dinner, my whole body shutdown. I got the chills and shakes, a high fever, my hands and feet were cold and purple, my nails were white, my teeth chattering and then I looked down at my chest. Bright red, sore, lumpy boob. Mastitis. I had developed mastitis with Abigail as well but it resolved itself without antibiotics. I sat in the sofa while James contemplated calling an ambulance because he was so worried.

Abigail wasn't herself either, crying and whingey, which didn't help the situation. She had a slight fever too. Poor James was running around, taking care of all of us. We finally got her into bed and I had a big cry to James about how I felt. I took a long hot shower and tried to massage the lumps out. I climbed into bed at 11pm, exhausted and emotional. At 3am when Edward woke for his feed, I woke up and felt wet. The entire side of my bed was wet with sweat. My whole body was covered in sweat. I cried the entire time I fed him. Doubting myself and telling James that maybe I should give up breastfeeding and switch to formula.

This morning, I made an appt to see a Doctor and took Abi along too to have her checked over. She and James both had a tummy virus last week with lots of vomiting and diorrhea so I thought maybe she wasn't completely better yet. After an excruciating long visit with this new Dr, it was determined that Abi has a bad case of thrush and a possible urinary tract infection. I have mastitis with a possible urinary tract infection as well so off we went to the pharmacy to fill our new scripts of drugs. I also got a script for some motillium to help with my milk supply.

Walking in the city was terrible, I will never get used to how terrible some people treat eachother. Even though I'm not pregnant anymore, I still feel tender and sore. And people just walked into me, and Abigail, which made me sick. Pushing a little 2.5 year old, out of their way, whilst talking on their iphone and smoking at the same time. Sometimes I just want to punch some people.

We got home and started our meds. I was supposed to try and catch urine in a pee cup from Abigail, mid stream, which is IMPOSSIBLE with a toddler. So I sterilised her potty and she did a wee on there and I filled the cup that way. James ran the urine sample back to the medical centre this afternoon and we will get the results later in the week. She seems better already with the cream to treat the thrush.

I still feel pretty rough. No fever, but still clammy and have the chills. My boob is super sore. I'm emotional, so emotional. I keep reminding myself, it's only been 2 weeks since Edward was born, but I'm so hard on myself. I want the breastfeeding to work now, with no sore boobs and no more sore nipples. And for my sweet babe Abi to be all better.

James has uni exams this week for Grad School and has been trying to study at the same time. God only knows how he juggles it all.

So yes, it's been a HELLISH 24 hours. I feel like a need a holiday! I know things will get easier. It's still early days. We are all still adjusting to life as 4. I just want the house to be ready so we can move in and get settled. I have no idea how the HELL we are going to move house in 1 month with a newborn...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Renovation Update

Yesterday I left the house for the 1st time since coming home from hospital. I was SO ready to escape the apartment, Abigail and I had major cabin fever. It felt different driving along the freeways with 2 kids in the back of the car. Edward slept the whole way and Abigail was amused by the pouring rain hitting her window and the windscreen.

So off we went to the new house to see the progress and check the newly installed vanities and kitchen.

I can't believe how far the house has come in 2 weeks. It's finally being put back together and looks like a house again. Completion date for the renovation is the 1st week of April which will put the move in date a month from now. I can handle that. I can wait another month, although, not much more. Since having Edward, we already feel more cluttered in the apartment with mini nappies, cotton balls, tiny 0000 suits and burp cloths everywhere.

Here are some updated photos below.

Lights ready to be installed. Crap everywhere. You gotta love tradies though, it is neat clutter.

Hallway into the master bedroom

Master ensuite double shower

Master ensuite double vanity

Love the shower screen. Found it online and saved a bundle!

Hallway into the main house

My new kick ass kitchen

Kitchen with butlers pantry to the rear

Butler's pantry

Shower in the main bathroom

Double vanity in the main bathroom

Laundry with built ins. New glass door is being installed this week.

2 car seats in the back! Abi happily playing her itouch. Edward sleeping like a prince.

Flashback Friday.

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Yes, I'm a day late. But that's ok when you have a newborn! This week's flashback is dedicated to my prince Edward. Cheesey song? Yes. But Aerosmith rock and this song is exactly how I feel about my newbie son.

Happy weekend everyone.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was a big fan of lullabies with Abigail. I had an ipod dock in her nursery and we played lullabies to her most nights which she loved.

Rockabye Baby are instrumental lullaby renditions of rock bands. I just checked their website and some new additions have been added. I'm definately buying the Weezer, Aerosmith and Journey releases. These lullabies might not be everyone's cup of tea, but Abigail loved them and I'm hoping Edward does too.

Prince Edward

Looking a little rough here, not much sleep yesterday

What I've learned about my son Edward in 9 days:

  • He doesn't like being swaddled for bedtime.
  • He loves hearing Abigail's voice and his eyes follow her around the room.
  • He is very, very sweet.
  • He seems more quiet and placid than his sister was when she was newborn.
  • He loves to sleep in my arms.
  • He loves being in the water and loves having his head massaged.
  • He is so small that 0000 size clothes are baggy on him.
  • He prefers to cluster feed than sit on 1 breast for 45 minutes.
  • He is my little prince.

    30 minutes old

1 day old

First bath at the hospital

My 3 loves

Father and son

Thursday, March 10, 2011

He's here...

Introducing Edward James McKinnon, born Monday 7th March 2011 at 2:14pm. Weighing 3.4kgs, length 50cms and head circ 36.5cm.

Just arrived home from the hospital. Will post more pics and birth story soon.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flashback Friday.

Foo Fighters - Everlong (Acoustic Version)

I've waited here for you.

Not long now till my baby arrives. I'm feeling everything I should be. Nerves. Excitement. Anxiety. Happiness. I just can't wait.

Happy weekend to you.


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