Sunday, October 31, 2010

Currently - The October Edition

Current Book (s): Just finished the Great Gatsby. Am reading The Beach now and Breakfast at Tiffany’s next.

Current Playlist: Love songs have been on rotation lately. Check out my picks;
Current Shame - Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Drinking chocolate milk... every day! Eating Skittles and Starbursts too. Sugary goodness.

Current Colour: Green

Current Drink: Water. Chocolate milk.

Current Food: This week my dinner menu includes lamb, meatloaf, spaghetti & meatballs, chicken kebabs and schnitzels. Also, my sister introduced me to ‘Cheesybite’ yesterday and it was actually nice. Shock horror!

Current Favourite Show: An Idiot Abroad. Have been watching Nat Geo Wild as well. After watching a documentary on Friday night titled ‘Monster Fish’, I am convinced jellyfish are aliens. They will outlive us all!

Current Wish list: A kitchen and 4 bathroom renovation project completed before Xmas? Yeah I know, I don’t think so...

Current Needs: More hours in the day? Also, Strata to hurry up and FIX the air con system in our whole building which has been out for a week already. Another week of no air con predicted, blergh.

Current Triumphs: Abi is going to the toilet on her potty nearly every day now. Slowly and steadily getting there.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Abi chewing through her dummies. I know she doesn’t even need them anymore, and I plan to go COLD TURKEY very soon in 'Operation Bye Bye Dummy'. In the meantime, I am buying new dummies every week. Gah!

Current Celebrity Crush: Jon Hamm, star of Mad Men. He is a god.

Current Indulgence: Having a lie down most afternoons when Abi has her day nap. It’s a nice, quiet time for me and I read too. I love it.

Current #1 Blessing: Family.

Current Slang or Saying: Totes Magotes (From the movie ‘I Love You Man’). James and I say this all the time. It’s still not old yet. YET!

Current Outfit: Green Gap V-Neck tee, Black Gap Jersey skirt.

Current Excitement: 7 weeks till Christmas. Getting the KEYS to our new house next week. Cannot wait to start knocking down walls and ripping up tiles. My Dad turning 60 next week, huge family celebration to follow.

Current Mood: Nervous about the renovation. Excited to move to the suburbs soon. Tired, just thinking about starting my Christmas shopping!

Current Link: – for renovation ideas – for meeting new friends and keeping in touch with old friends – for Christmas ideas – more Christmas ideas

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Gwen Stefani Live in Singapore - 14th August 2007

I had just returned from Japan 2 days earlier on a solo trip to Osaka where I had seen Gwen Stefani perform at Summersonic Festival.

We had 2 tickets to the show but James had to fly to Shanghai on a last minute business trip and I went alone. I tried to sell 1 ticket but was unlucky at the gates. By some luck, just before the show started, a guy had one ticket but needed another, so I sold him my pair and I took his 1 seat.

Turns out his seat was in a better location than mine, only by a few rows. But it enabled me to snap this photo of Gwen as she came into the audience to sing her final song.

I was almost trampled taking this photo and although you can't see in the photo, she is SURROUNDED by huge, black bodyguards.

The concert was amazing. She has such natural talent and can hold her own doing a solo show. I never saw her perform with No Doubt, but if they tour Australia next year (2011) with their new album, then I'll be there!

This photo reminds me of early days living in Singapore. And taking risks. And having fun, alone. Which is possible afterall.

Flashback Friday.

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved

This song is utter perfection. I don't know anyone who dislikes Bob Marley. He was a musical genius. This song is definately one of my favourites in his collection.

Happy Friday everyone.


Theme Songs - The O.C

I love this show. I have all 4 seasons on DVD and still watch it all the time. It's something I put on at night in my bedroom and watch 1 episode here and there, if I can't sleep.

It was one of the first real teen dramas of the millenium. The cast was relatively unknown at the time and best of all, the location and soundtrack were amazing.

Every week, you would hear the latest remixes and covers by bands like The Killers, Rooney, Death Cab for Cutie, Interpol, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Imogen Heap and more.

I have all of the 6 soundtracks that were released. You can check out more about the music here.

Yes, the show is a little teeny and times and the story lines are a little predictable but it was fun while it lasted.

Cool Stuff

I am super excited to hear that Via Alley has opened a store in the new Sydney Westfields.

Check out some of the amazing things you can buy online and in store.

Bird Alarm Clock. This comes in various colours. I love it!

Eames Bearbrick Toy. I have a few of these, but I love this Eames release.

Melty Ring. Available in various colours. I would love it in black.

Piggy Speakers! This is insanely cool. I want one.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I love to swim. In my younger days, I used to train in squads every Saturday with my siblings and we loved it.

I'll swim anywhere too. Rivers, lakes, pools, but my love is the ocean. And by this time of year, I'm aching for an ocean swim. The 1st real swim of spring or summer. But alas, no swim yet.

I cannot wait. To ride waves in, to float over them as the break, the salty spray in your face, feeling your problems literally float away...

Here are some swim images to get you (and me) in the mood. Photo 5 is my favourite. I love that moment as you almost get caught in the wave as it rolls.

All images via weheartit

Angus and Julia Stone - You're The One That I Want

Angus and Julia Stone - You're The One That I Want

I'm a huge fan of this brother/sister duo, yet I'm completely stunned that I missed this cover they have done.

It's beyond brilliant.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Smell Me

I love perfume. I always have. I love how perfume can add flair to your outfit. It seems to have that effect on me.

Here are my current favourites that I'm wearing and loving:

Jo Malone's signature fragrance 'Lime Basil and Mandarin'. This is a new fragrance for me. I used to wear another JM scent but Mum picked this up for me in Hong Kong recently and I love it.

Marc Jacobs 'Lola'. This perfume is devine. I wear it nearly every day. The bottle is gorgeous, although a little awkward. I've nearly knocked it over in the bathroom a few times, but no accidents yet. It smells like perfection.

This fragrance is sexy. I received this as an Xmas gift last year. It's summery and sweet. Sweeter than the original 'The One' which my sister has. The bottle is sturdy and it travels well in my wetpack on holidays. A real bonus, considering how many bottles have smashed in transport on past holidays!

I wear this most days. The bottle is cute and I love the floral, daisy like lid. It smells like simplicity to me. Casual enough for the day, but smart enough for a night time occasion too.


My 5 senses this week






Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flashback Friday.

Johnny Gill - The Floor

I remember dancing to this song at a party in 1993 at a friend's sleep-over. I really loved this song and was cutting up rug, per say, and my friend's older sister in high school said I was good dancer. Well, I never felt cooler. I believe my moves included the running man and that 90's hip hop kind of repertoire you see in bad filmclips, such as the one above.

As for the song, it's good and bad at the same time. I love it.

Happy Friday everyone.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Here are some things on my current wishlist (some are VERY wishful thinking)

Seadoo Speedster to burn around the lake this summer

Cancun Queen Bed from Freedom

Black Pearl necklace from any of the Tahitian islands

Canon Ixus 100IS in Black

A 3 day weekend on the Gold Coast to visit the theme parks

A Calzone from Pompei's Pizzeria at Bondi Beach

The new "Lady" crocs in Black. Yes, I own a pair of Crocs. Not the Clog style, but the ballet flats and they are SO comfy. Go away Croc haters!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Theme Songs - Happy Days

With the news today of Tom Bosley's passing, best known for playing Mr Cunningham on Happy Days, I thought it was fitting that 'Happy Days' be the theme song for this week.

I asked my husband recently if he watched this show growing up and to my surprise, he didn't. I remember it was on prime time TV, around 5-6pm on week nights.

I don't think I understood the show completely, the jokes and story lines, but I did love The Fonz and his cousin,  Chachi Arcola played by Scott Baio. I thought Baio was SO dreamy. Classic.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why I'll miss this view sometimes...

On days like today, I'll miss living in the city. And I'll miss this view.

Abigail loves it. Always something to look at. Planes. Ferries. Boats. People. Buses.

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning we all woke early after the gale force windy storm we had in Sydney.

We drove to the Home Maker's Centre in Castle Hill to look at taps, carpets, floorboards and other homey things. Abi fell in love with a plastic pumpkin bucket for Halloween from Toys R Us. It cost a measly $1.99 so we bought it for her and she hasn't stopped playing with it since. She has been carrying around her matchbox cars and toys in it.

Saturday night was quiet.

Yesterday the weather was stunning. We drove to Mosman and had breakfast at Avenue Road, a cute and hip cafe.

After satisfying myself with Eggs Benedict, YUM, we headed down to Clifton Gardens / Chowder Bay which has an amazing playground and little beach. Abi loves it there, lots of young kids and friendly families around.

Abigail rode her scooter along the pavement and we bought her an icecream from the old school Mr Whippy van that was parked there.

We walked along the wharf and saw some men fishing. 2 of them caught fish while we watched, one catch was a HUGE Australian salmon. I was considering bonking the fisherman on the head and stealing his fresh catch, but of course, that isn't ladylike.

We then drove to look at a new Volkswagon for James but they had none in stock to even test drive. Ergh, so annoying.
So we came home and Abi watched The Wiggles while James and I did a massive clean around the house.

All in all, a busy but great weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend Breakfast

Eggs from Cafe Morso

I am CRAVING a good weekend breakfast.

So this weekend we are heading out for eggs or fritters.

Some of our favourite breakfast places in Sydney include Digikaf, Pirrima Park Cafe, Cafe Morso and Bills.

Once we move out to suburbia, I will miss being so close to the hub of good food that includes Balmain, Rozelle, Darlinghurst, Pyrmont and more. Personally I think the best food in Sydney is in Surry Hills, the cafes and restaurants there are outstanding. I'm sure we will make occasional visits to our old favourites once we move away.

I so wish Cafe Sopra in Walsh Bay were open for breakfast. Although saying that, their ragu bolognese is that amazing, I'm sure I could eat it at 10am.

Now all I have to do is decide if I want pancakes... Or fritters... Or eggs benedict... Or scrambled eggs... Or french toast... GAH!

Flashback Friday.

Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson - The Best Thing In Life Are Free

This week's flashback takes us back to 1992. This song was practically an anthem in Junior School for my grade. We sang it at every opportunity, on the bus, school camps, class.

The filmclip is a classic 90's clip of tragic clothing, rapping and dancing starring Damon and Marlon Wayans and Stacey Dash who all star in the film 'Mo Money'.

Happy Friday everyone,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was busy.

James and I are going to be busy for the next few months. Renovating our new house, James doing his MBA at Grad School 1 night a week and 1 weekend a month, business trips overseas and the usual manic lead up to Xmas.

Yesterday we did a walk through with our project manager at our new house to discuss our plans. It took an hour, just to walk through and show him our ideas. We have huge dreams, like bi-fold doors onto a timber deck by the pool but those things aren't essential yet. New carpets and bathrooms and floors are much more important!

After an hour of talking taps, floors and prices, I looked like this:

The current owner was there too and walked around with us, wanting to know what our plans are. It was awkward to say the least. He has surveillance cameras in his young daughter's bedroom and in the rumpus room too. It's very weird.

James is also looking at buying a new car. We currently have 1 car because we live in the city centre, but will need another car once we move to suburbia. And as we all know, test driving cars and choosing the perfecty automobile is a slow process.

Hopefully the dollar will stay strong, because James IS heading to the USA next month for a conference and business trip. I am frothing at the mouth, just thinking about all the lovely things he will hopefully have time to pick up for me. Marc Jacobs, Zara, Baby Ralph Lauren, I would love to accompany him but we just have too much on at home.

We also dropped in at our dear friend's house who just had a baby last week. They named their new daughter Sienna, and she is just gorgeous. These friends live about 2kms from our new house so we are all excited about the idea of pool parties and summer BBQs when we are finally settled in our new house.

This morning, as I was clipping Abigail's nails, she said "you're beautiful mama" and kissed me. Moments like that are just so devine.

So that was my busy Tuesday.

Today I am catching up on washing and cleaning. Boring but essential. Very boring indeed.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flashback Friday.

Icehouse - Great Southern Land

"Anyone will tell you its a prisoner island.
Hidden in the summer for a million years".

This song is the quintessential Australian anthem. I first heard this song in the movie "Young Einstein" which I'd rather forget.

I loved Icehouse, especially this song.  They played this song frequently at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games as well. I was a volunteer there, and they played Australian music over the PA systems all day.

As of 2006, Man of Colours was still the highest selling album in Australia by an Australian band.

Currently - The September Edition

Wow. Ok. I am 8 days late on this one. Oops!

Current Book (s): I just finished the last Sookie Stackhouse novel and loved it. I think the last 2 books were a little fast and the plots were a little farfetched, even for vampires and werewolves. I am reading renovation magazines now, like a crazy woman!

Current Playlist: SO much good music this month. Here's some of my favourites:
  • Little Red - Rock It. This song is so fun. Australian bands are my thing at the mo.
  • Hungry Kids of Hungary - Scattered Diamonds. Another great Aussie band, these guys are super cool.
  • Klaxons - Echoes. 1st single of the Klaxons 2nd album. I saw these guys live in Japan, they are awesome live.
  • Paramore - All I Wanted. I still like a little emo music here and there. Paramore are my weakness for sure. Great for the gym or just listening to it REALLY loudly while driving alone. 
  • The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind. My Dad loves The Easybeats. This song is my favourite. I've been listening to some 60's music this week, good stuff there.
  • Noiseworks - Reach Out (Touch Somebody). This song is summer to me. Remember the old SLSC ads on TV and this was the song? Australian music in the 80's was brilliant.
  • Birds of Tokyo - Plans. This band are amazing, hailing from Perth and are so talented. A little raw and rough, just perfect.

Current Shame - Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
Zappo chews in Grape flavour. Reading too many blogs. Eating pasta, night after night.

Current Colour: White for renovation inspirations. Blue for the ocean.

Current Drink: Blue Powerade. Red Gatorade. Water. San Pelligrino with lemon.

Current Food: Pasta. Philly cheese on cruskits. Maltesers.

Current Favourite Show: An Idiot Abroad. Mad Men. Glee Season 2.

Current Wish list: I hope James goes his planned business trip to the USA next month. So he can do all my Xmas shopping and take advantage of the great exchange rate at the moment. Cha-ching!

Current Needs: An interior designer to help me renovate and furnish our new house. The kitchen and bathrooms to be installed before Xmas?! I can dream, can't I.

Current Triumphs: We bought a house. What a relief. And we cannot wait to start renovating. I can't wait for short drives to Woolies. And playing in the pool. And having more storage!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Clutter in the apartment is at its highest point at the moment. The spare bedroom is acting as a wardrobe / laundry room for now. Also my hair is growing out and I'm still undecided if I will keep it short. In the meantime, I look like Coach Beist from Glee.

Current Celebrity Crush: Ricky Gervais. No words needed. He makes me laugh. Hard.

Current Indulgence: Sleep-ins. Abi sleeps in most days till 9:30am. It's brilliant. I roll over and nearly fall out of bed when I realise what the time is.

Current #1 Blessing: A house. My great husband and daughter. Spring is here. Everything is looking up.

Current Slang or Saying: Does singing Justine Clarke songs count? Because I sing "Hop, Hippity, Hop" all day long.

Current Outfit: Peter Alexander nightie. With a dog on it. It's last seasons. I can't throw it out though. It's cute and comfy.

Current Excitement: Christmas is only 78 days away. It's my favourite time of the year. I love carols and decorations and trees and the general vibe of shopping in November/December. Also, it means I can watch this movie on Xmas Eve, a family tradition. Clark Griswold is genius.

Current Mood: Relief. Excitement. Nervous.

Current Link:
Bunnings for home stuff
Dlisted for gossip
youtube for funny vids

New Music - Little Red

This cute band from Melbourne are FANTASTIC! Listen to this song of their new album, Midnight Remember.

They have toured with Kasabian, Vampire Weekend, The Panics and Operator Please. They also played at my festival favourite, Splendour In The Grass this year and received rave reviews.

This song is super cute. It feels like summer is coming when I hear new music like this!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Theme Songs - Beverly Hills 90210

Here is my theme song for the week.

A classic. I actually sing this ALL the time. And you MUST mimic Brandon's boxing fist movement when you sing the song too. "Cha Cha"

I thought the crew of 90210 were the coolest people to roam the planet. I loved Dylan and Brandon. I thought Brenda was pretty?! And thought Donna was a bimbo and Kelly a tart.

I have ALL the seasons on DVD except the final season which was just released. And yes, I'll be picking it up this weekend at JB Hi-Fi.

And the scary thing now, is that I've morphed into Cindy Walsh. True story. Haha.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday mornings at Fox Studios Markets

Today Abigail and I headed to our favourite Wednesday haunt, the markets and playground at Fox Studios in Moore Park. We used to frequent the markets every week without fail, but lately have been busy / sick / on holidays, that we haven't been.

Last night as I tucked Abi into bed, I said that we would go to the markets and she replied "Flowers, playground, milkshake, guinea pigs, home". That's our usual little schedule of play. I go buy some fresh flowers from the market before they sell out of the good stuff, then we head to the petting zoo / playground and then get a milkshake on the walk back to the car. Abi has a brilliant memory!

Today was no different. It was rather busy with school holidays on, but not too bad. Abi was squealing with excitement in the car ride there. I bought 3 bunches of amazingly fresh tulips for $15, what a bargain! We petted guinea pigs, lambs, pigs and bunnies. Abi loved tickling the guinea pig's nose and whiskers.

The playground was busy and I sat next a mother with a 2 week old baby girl. I forgot how small babies are. How much noise they make when the cry for a feed. But also, I forgot how amazing babies really are.

On the drive home, Abi told me about how great her day was. And that she loved me. I cried in the car, navigating through taxis and buses, completely blessed and humbled by her honesty.

We have had a few hard moments this week as I am weaning Abigail off her dummy but today made it all better. Fresh air, wind in our hair, children laughing, mothers smiling and most of all, Abi and I, walking hand in hand. Here's my day in photos.

Abi LOVES these little guys.

Outfit is Bonds Tee, Gap Jeans, Dr Seuss for Converse shoes.

This lamb was very interested in trying to eat my jeans which already have rips in them.

Seriously. Look at her. Melts my heart!

What a pair! This little pig was pretty friendly and followed Abi around till he settled under her chair. I want one!

Abi saying "Back and Forth" on the see-saw.

$15 for these tulips. They are devine and brightened my day. I saw other ladies looking as I walked back to the car, admiring them wrapped up in brown paper.

Abi picked the orange ones for contrast. She loves picking flowers and touching the buds.


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