Monday, June 28, 2010

Me... in 20 years.

After seeing this over at Raising Colorado's blog, and after calming down after some hysterical laughing, I thought I'd give it a go.

Until I uploaded my photo and saw the result... Dear lord, I have no words.

What's even worse, is that Abi saw the finished result, sitting next to me at the computer and then SHE started laughing too. She recognised me and all she could do was laugh. So we both errupted into more laughter and I've barely calmed down enough to post the photo below.

From what I can see, the photo ager, makes you also look like an ex junkie of some sort. Haha.
Try yourself here, only, if you dare!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Point & Shoot.

Sunday 27th June 2010
8am on the balcony of the beach house
9'c, fresh as a daisy!

This is our view from the family beach house on the Central Coast. I could live here...

Head over to fatmumslim for more P&S fun.


Winter Weekend Getaway

North Entrance Beach

Midday Friday we headed up to the family beach house on the Central Coast.

I love the Central Coast. It gets a pretty bad rap, but we think it's lovely. Little quaint towns, lakes, beaches, good food and a slower pace of life.

Abi loves the beach house so much. The beach house is in a development with a golf course and facilities, so we have an indoor pool, club house and best of all, a day spa at our disposal.

Silly me, forgot BOTH my memory cards for my cameras so I had to rely on the iphone for photos.

We ate avocados every day. We sat by the fire. We went for drives to the park. On Saturday afternoon, James took Abi to the indoor pool while I went to the Day Spa for 2 hours to have a deluxe pedicure and remedial massage. I sipped green tea afterwards in the relaxation room, reading spa magazines and enjoying some quiet time.

Yesterday, we soaked in the sunshine at lunch here, next to Wamberal Surf Club, a few minutes north of Terrigal.
Here are some (terrible quality) photos of my weekend...

Abigail playing with her beach house toys that reside at the house. Fire lit in the background, I want one!

Friday sunset - from the balcony looking to The Entrance

My loves, rugged up for a Saturday morning walk on the beach


Abigail making squiggles in the sand with the umbrella

Lunch on Saturday. I did grilled sourdough with bruschetta and avocado + lemon. It was amazing!

A very special toy. My mother-in-law bought this vintage 1975 Sesame Street set from ebay. This set stays at the beach house and Abi loves it so much.

Sunday morning at the park in Long Jetty, it was freezing!

Sunday morning - Shelly Beach

Sunday afternoon - Wamberal Beach

Sunday sunset - driving home on the F3

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love... Flash Mobs!

I love love love Flash Mobs. I'd love to be part of one someday. A few have popped up here and there in Sydney, but nothing amazing yet. They warm my heart. Watching people dance in unison, smiles on their faces, is just so simple and lovely.

Below are some of my favourite flash mob videos.

This flashmob is a large group of inmates from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in The Philippines. It's sad to see them dancing in their jumpsuits, but their spirit is amazing.

This is one of the 1st large professional flash mobs ever filmed. I love watching this over and over.

For all you Glee fans out there, this one is for you. I love this. The colourful clothes, the whole scene is fabulous!

Of course, Oprah has her finger in the flash mob pot. The sheer volume of this flash mob could ONLY be created for the big 'O' herself.

This is fantastic. BRAVO to all of these girls for dancing at Piccadilly Circus (London) in a leotard!

Brilliant. A flash mob with a song from my FAVOURITE movie of all time. I love all the young girls involved. Happy and sweet. Two thumbs up from me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kids Stuff: RSL Kidz Day

The Castle Hill RSL Club runs a Kidz Day every Tuesday in the courtyard.

Today, my sister, her friend and myself headed along to see what they offered to entertain our little munchkins. A face painter, a clown and a balloon maker all stood by, ready for the onslaught of kids. Abi had her face painted for the 1st time. The kids ran around on the playground, did some colouring in then enjoyed chicken nuggets, calamari and chips.

NB: The balloon maker was crazy. All he could make was guns and swords. Yeah, really kid friendly balloons! Most of the boys then proceeded to hit eachother in the face and pretend to be pirates. It was rather violent actually. Stupid balloon man.

NNB: A drunken man at the bar, yes, mildly drunk at midday, made a balloon flower for Abi. Bless the local drunk.

Jacki and Mikey colouring in

Abi loves the textas!

Abi and her painted face looking very serious

Niece Lucy has mastered her smile

Annika playing in the garden

Too cute for words...

My love...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday 200610

Was up till 1:30am, talking with James about life and all my current struggles. So lovely and patient, he sat up with me and listened.

Heard all the fans on the streets for the early morning world cup match, no horns though, thank goodness. Just beeping cars, drunk girls, taxis etc.

Abi was up at 8:30am but James let me sleep in till 9:30am, what a god.

Had thick raison toast and juice for breakfast.

Headed to Cafe Sopra for lunch in Walsh Bay. Our favourite. Abigail loves the pasta there, which we love too.

Drove to Abi's favourite park in Pyrmont for sun, salty breezes, swings and slides. The park was PACKED and we struggled to find peace anywhere. I sat on the soft grass (right in the middle of the picture below) and read the paper, front to back. James ran around with Abi then we swapped places. Abi threw sticks into the harbour and we counted planes and boats going past.

Home time. Abi had a nap while we tackled the folding of a week's worth of laundry. Gah, my most loathed thing to go. Folding.

We had Thai takeout which I didn't enjoy as much as usual.

Another week over. Quiet week ahead too which I'm looking forward to.

Saturday 190610

Abi had another nightmare episode at around 5am, took me 30 minutes to get her back to sleep.

We all woke up at 10am which was bliss.

Drove out to the Hills area to do a 2nd viewing of a house we *thought* we liked. Turns out the owners are being loopy and asking for offers before auction without doing pest / building code inspections which is quite odd. Both the agents handling this house have been at many other open homes we have viewed recently. They are quite the pair.

One of them is a dead ringer male version of Cookie Kwan, a real estate agent from The Simpsons. This agent is so pushy and rude. You can tell other agents fear him. He speaks terrible 'engrish' which annoys me too.

The other agent is a deadringer for Gill Gunderson, the desperate poor old guy in The Simpsons. This agent is so desperate to sell a house it's scary! Yet he told an asian couple at the open home not to bother even making an offer because this was their 1st viewing and there was another couple making an offer who had viewed the house 8 TIMES! Like as if that matters! He was just trying to shoo them out the door because he is nuts.

Then we hit up Woolies in Dural to buy some groceries. Groceries seem to be the bane of our existence lately.

Drove home and had a light dinner.

Put on the Tim Burton release of 'Alice in Wonderland' but 25 minutes, we just couldn't get into it.
Put on 'My Sister's Keeper' instead and I bawled my eyes out. Poor J, sat there, trying to console me. No use. I cried the whole way through. I heard the book is better than the movie, so I might read that too.

The soccer fans were in top form because the Socceroos were playing in a few hours, no loud horns but lots of drunken people screaming out on the streets. I hate that we live so close to that stupid FIFA fan site. According to the Sunday papers, the fan site has been a complete flop with almost no fans turning up to watch the games. As an avid hater of soccer, I am somewhat glad to hear this :)

Point & Shoot.

Friday 18th June 2010
Welcome home dinner for my brother Tim at my parents house.

It's always cosy around the dinner table, especially now that my siblings have partners and we have grandkids too!

Heading clockwise and starting with Abigail in the middle, being held by sis's BF Ben, my sister Louise, Dad,
Mum, brother Tim, brother's GF Shannon, sister Jacki, brother-in-law Grant, then me. James was taking the photo and Mikey and Lucy aren't pictured either.

Yes, we have a BIG family!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flashback Friday

I'm Free (Heaven Helps) by Kenny Loggins from the movie Footloose. One of my ALL time favourite movies. Kevin Bacon was hot. And I love John Lithgow as the strict, uptight preacher.

Happy Friday everyone.


A Balinese Escape... Pt 8

Day 8, Final Day of the Trip - 28/05/10

Sick as a dog.
Our last day in Bali is upon us.
The family head to Kuta for some last minute shopping and I snooze on the sofa in the main room of the house, trying to be more social.
We swim and relax and soak in the last of the Bali rays.
We pack.
Our beautiful villa staff wave and hug us goodbye as we head to the airport.
Abigail had NO sleep all day and was a complete ratbag by the time it came to check in. Our flight was delayed by an hour. Great. Luckily we head to the lounge and have some quiet time before boarding the flight at 12am.
Abigail was beyond exhausted. She passed out as the plane took off. J nursed her on his lap the entire flight home. 6 hours pass. She woke as we were descending into Sydney, about 30 minutes from landing. Absolute bliss. It could have gone the other way. I don't want to even imagine it. If she didn't fall asleep....
Our holiday is over.
Well and truly over.
It took us an EPIC 3 hours to clear Customs and Immigration. A true crime indeed. 3 hours. I could have murdered someone by the time we finally left the airport.
Once home and unpacked, I got sicker and sicker over the weekend and was so ill, I couldn't leave the house to get to a Dr. My sweet husband went for me, and collected my medication. Turns out I had contracted a parasitic infection in Bali. Not just the usual gastro bug. I couldn't eat a meal for a good 3 days, I was so ill.
So there you go. Holiday over. Already planning the next one.


Yes, you are probably wondering why these photos all look the same. I spent most of the day in the bathroom. Abi and I had a little party in the huge bathroom, dancing around, posing. She also made friends with a little frog in the outdoor shower / bath.

A Balinese Escape... Pt 7

Day 7 of the Trip - 27/05/10

Getting sicker and sicker.
Have temporarily left husband and am having an affair with the amazing king size bed in my room.
Have flings with the bathroom too. Spend most of the day in there.
Turned down a morning of shopping in Seminyak with the family.
The McKinnon trio head into Seminyak for a late lunch with my in-laws and I barely make the car trip into town.
Eat a light lunch and drive home in praying there is no traffic.
Am scoffing down medication like tic tacs. Nothing helps.
By now, you can tell how sick I am by how many photos I took.
20 photos today. Hardly any at all.

Abi looking the part at Ku-De-Ta for our 2nd lunch there. Amazing food.

J catching up on news on his iphone at the restaurant. We had almost NO phone service at the villa so we had to check it on our day trips. It was like trying to beat the clock. Emails, texts, news in the time span of meal. Good times.

A Balinese Escape... Pt 6

Day 6 of Trip - 26/05/10

My gorgeous husband's 30th Birthday
And he let ME sleep in till 9:30am while he swam with Abi. Bless his heart.
Chef made me French Toast for breakfast which was sweet and perfect.
At this point, I started to feel quite sick all the time. Started taking immodium and stemetil for the nausea.
Usual poolside behaviour for most of the day. Books were read. Magazines flicked through. Laps were swum. Music was played. Jokes told. Lots of attention for the Birthday Boy!
Had the most devine lunch on the pool deck. Pork, Chicken and Beef satay. With indonesian fried rice. And haloumi cheese kebabs with salsa. Bliss.
Had massage booked for 3pm in the treatment room (YES, our villa had it's own massage room!) but was too sick by then to have it so my mother-in-law took my place. She floated out of the room an hr later, I was green with envy... And green with illness.
Took an afternoon nap while Abi slept.
The tide was out alot that day, you can see the seaweed farmers on the photos of the beach below the villa.
Swapped a cocktail for hydralite replacement drink before we headed to Uluwatu Temple at sunset to celebrate husband's birthday.
It was so hot and sweaty at the temple.
There was an "incident" between a monkey and my mother-in-law which was rather scary and funny at the same time. A HUGE monkey stole her glasses by jumping on her and CLAWING AT HER FACE. He then began to smash and scratch them on the brick wall he was sitting on. A coupled effort from a local guide and my father-in-law, the glasses were returned, before we paid off the guide for his help. Her new Chanel frames were returned but were slightly damaged. A minute later we saw another monkey steal a pair of Oakley glasses from a tourist and THROW them over the cliff into the ocean below. Tough break.
Hot and bothered, we left the temple and thousands of people, before the cloudy sunset and headed back to our retreat.
Cocktails, presents and good company were the focus of the night. James requested a seafood buffet including lobster, prawns, fish, calamari... The chefs went above and beyond for us... We ate till we couldn't move.
I bailed out early and headed to bed feeling ghastly ill.
The rest of the family crawled into bed hours later.

A Balinese Escape... Pt 5

Day 5 of Trip - 25/05/10

The boys got up at 6am to play a round of golf down at the Bali Golf & Country Club in Nusa Dua.
Abi and I slept in and had a late breakfast of pancakes and fresh mandarin juice.
Disgustingly hot and humid. 35'c before 10am.
Spent the entire morning in the pool.
Drove down to Kuta for lunch.
Ate at Kori on Poppies II, a place that J and I ate at in 2004 on our 2nd trip to Bali.
Walked down Poppies I & II in the ridiculous heat. Nearly passed out in an alley while family members bought DVD's. Motorbikes whizzing past, Abi pale from the heat.
Had a peek at Kuta Beach. Full of the usual touts and tourists.
Terrible traffic back to the villa. Locals left work early to head to the beach. Managed to take a photo of a mirror covered buddha, which I nicknamed "Disco Buddha"... I *slightly* regret not jumping out of the van and buying it.
Stayed in the pool for the remainder of the day.
Canapes on the deck.
Watched a movie as a family.
Asleep at 10pm, why can't I go to bed that early at home!?


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