Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ikea goodies

Ikea. Some love it, some hate it. A visit to the Swedish homewares giant is always exhausting. In NSW, there is only 1 Ikea store which is at Rhodes Shopping Centre in the Northern Suburbs. I actually don't mind driving to the shopping centre, because it is next door to James's work building and I know my way around the area pretty well.

I could have bought ALOT more than I did, but James was diligent and insisted we just buy what we need.

Here are some of the goodies we picked up this week.

New purchases for Abigail

It's that time of year. Change of seasons. New clothes. New shoes. Pack away the light, small summer clothes and refill the wardrobe with winter ones.

Here are some of this week's purchases for Abigail. James picked up a few things from the Gap in Singapore too.

1. Betts Black Patent Leather Mary Janes
2. Betts Kids Winter Boot in silver and pink
3. Country Road Smock in floral print
4. Country Road Corduroy Pinafore (I bought the red colour though, not cream)
5. Country Road Grey Marle Hoodie. Matching pants not pictured.
6. Gap White Butterflies Tee
7. Gap Pink 'Little Rider' Tee
8. Gap Pink Logo Hoodie
9. Gap Navy Soft Denim Pants

Friday, March 26, 2010

The art of music

Music is a passion of mine. An obsession some would say.

I love all genres of music. My parents love music too and this obviously influenced the beginnings of my musical sentiment. By age 7, I was the proud owner of a "My 1st Sony" red walkman, which I treasured until it died. I remember my Dad driving me to Saturday sport, and we would sing along to Split Ends, The Skyhooks, Men at Work, Jefferson Starship and more. My mother loved The B52's, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and ACDC, her secret passion. We would beg Mum to put on the Thriller LP on the record player and dance around the living room. 'Beat It' was a much loved favourite, so much that the song now permanently skips on the warped vinyl.

I've owned many walkmans, discmans, I have 4 ipods and an iphone. I have thousands of CD's and even more digital downloads on my trusty PC. I love live music. I try and see as much live music as I can. I've been to many festivals, most in Australia, some international.

I worked in the dance music industry for 3 years before moving to Singapore with James and becoming a full time lady of leisure. I miss work often, the buzz of it all. Doing what I love, all day. Although I don't listen to dance music all that much anymore, I still love it. And certain tracks still trigger off fond memories of parties and massive nights out whilst clubbing with my friends.

Recently a friend looked at my ipod and was overwhelmed by all the music I have. She asked me what my all time favourite song was. An impossible question to answer. Top 10 favourite songs? Still impossible to answer.

Here is one of my top 10 favourite songs of all time. Depeche Mode's 1990 hit 'Enjoy The Silence'. I have attached the piano version of the song because it's just beautiful. Have a listen, tell me what you think.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lykke Li - Possibility

This song is just haunting. I love everything about it. The song was featured in the film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and since then, become a massive hit in the indie scene.

I hope she tours Australia soon.



Just a few things from my current wishlist.

Apple Ipad...

Canon Ixus 2010 Touch (in Black)


Louis Vuitton Keepall. My next LV...

Boyfriend blazer from the Gap...

Tickets to Fuji Rock Festival 2010 in Japan. Went in 2007 and it was out of this world!


29 Things To Do Before 29

James is turning 30 in 8 weeks. I can’t believe it. The dirty 30!

James’s fast approaching birthday has triggered off some feelings about myself turning 30 next year. So i stopped thinking about 30 and I’m focussing on 29.

Inspired by fat mum slim whom I adore, I have written a list of 29 things to do before 29. I realise it’s only 5 months till I turn 29, so I have to get cracking!

1. Book an overseas holiday for the McKinnon trio. We are heading to Bali next month to celebrate James's 30th Birthday.

2. Participate in a charity walk. We walked in the Mother's Day Classic Walk on May 9th 2010, a charity event for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

3. See my friends from high school more regularly Have even contacted more older friends and 2 are coming to Abigail's 2nd Birthday party with their toddlers.

4. Start a new hobby. Photography, flower arranging, cooking, are all on my list!

5. Hold a stall at a Sydney market to sell all my old designer clothes

6. Accompany James on a business trip overseas

7. Lose 30kgs... (Realistically more like 15-20kgs)

8. Organise a weekend away with my girlfriends

9. Finish reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels

10. Unpack every last box of goods from Singapore

11. Try a new restaurant every fortnight Been to a few new places. Am keen to try Chinatown more though. Dumplings!!

12. Sell my Panasonic Lumix camera on ebay

13. Minimise waste and clutter in the apartment

14. Start swimming on a regular basis at the Ian Thorpe pool

15. Massive overhaul of my wardrobe. Donate to goodwill anything purchased before 2007. Have thrown old clothes out. And have resisted to buy lots of new clothes. Just a few essential pieces.

16. Avoid vouchers expiring!! Why do I always do this??!! At the moment, I have a voucher for Gold Class, 2 x County Road, 1 x JB Hi Fi, 1 x itunes and 1 x David Jones gift card. Start shopping!! Finally used all the vouchers. Woo!

17. Have a mani and pedi more often. Treat myself to a session at the spa Have been to the Day Spa a few times this year and loved every minute of it. Wish I had enough money to get a massage once a month!

18. Try a new haircut or colour. I had my hair cut ONCE in 2009 and James forced me to get it cut on NYE of 2009, haha. 12 months without a haircut! Appointment at Desmond and Molly Jones in Surry Hills on 18/05/10 for new cut.

19. Be inspired by new music and appreciate the music scene in Sydney. Have been to a few gigs, which has been more than enough. Am getting too old!

20. Start planning my 30th Birthday extravaganza

21. Perform a random act of kindess to a stranger  Spent 15 minutes in a car park helping an older lady try and fit 2 yard chairs into her car. Had to unpack the car, squash the chairs in, then repack her shopping bags around them. It felt great to help someone in need.

22. Print off all Abigail’s baby photos and put them into her album

23. Have an inspiring outing once a month to an art gallery, exhibition, theatre or festival. Date night in May to the ballet.

24. Try and have 2 or 3 mini breaks before the end of the year. Hunter Valley, Gold Coast and Dubbo are all on the cards so far. Many trips to the beach house, and a 3 day vakay to Qualia.

25. Sit down and learn how to cook some of my Grandmother-in-law’s famous family recipes like Rice Pudding, Lasagne etc

26. Take Abigail to a West Tigers or Waratahs game

27. Spend more time with my family. Have seen the family consistently for the last few months. And it shows. I can FEEL the love!

28. Get off my butt and try yoga Let it be known! 23rd June 2010, I went to my 1st Yoga class. for 90 minutes, I bent and pushed and stretched at a power vinyassa class in Rozelle, Sydney. I nearly threw up numerous times on the drive home, haha.

29. Stop buying expensive stationary! Avoid Kikki-K like the plague! Haven't bought any new stationary since before Xmas. But I DID win some in a giveaway by Georgie Love. WOO!

Wish me luck,

Monday, March 15, 2010

City Living

Some days I really have to pinch myself.

This is what I wake up to every day. We live right in the middle of the city of Sydney, some days I love it, others I hate it.  I love the convenience of the city, everything is within walking distance. I loathe the pollution, the noise, the sirens, traffic and insane drivers.

Abigail is not allowed on the balcony unless we are out there with her. We have to constantly clean the balcony, due to pollution and dirt. Some nights I find myself sitting outside, watching the boats sail by, breathing in the salty breeze. The suits have commuted home to the suburbs, the buildings are quiet and dark.

A beautiful autumn afternoon in March...


Mother+Daughter Day - Wildlife World Darling Harbour

Date: Sunday 14th March 2010
Weather: Sunny but fresh
Mood: Lonely. Sorrow. Need a change of scenery.
Action: Walk the 500m down to Wildlife World in Darling Harbour to see some animals!

This wasn't Abigail's 1st time to a Wildlife Park. She has been to KLCC Aquaria in Kuala Lumpur and Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

After paying the $31.95 entry fee for myself (kids under 4 are free), we walked into the dark tunnels to discover all the wondeful animals and reptiles.

Abigail's favourite animals were the kangaroos, koalas, snakes, butterflies and wombats. She also liked the possums and bush mice which freaked me out! She was a little scared of the crocodile in the main tank and didn't seem to like th spiders at all. She must take after her father in that regard. James suffers from terrible arachnophobia.

It wasn't very busy, even on a Sunday afternoon. Mostly American, Japanese and Sth American tourists, taking photos, counting all our venomous snakes and spiders.


Summer of 2010

November 2009:
Jonahs at Whale Beach. Mathilda Markets. Swimming Lessons. Gymbaroo. Wedding in the Hunter for our dear friends Wassim and Jennifer. BBQ's on the balcony. Britney Spears. New Moon. Swan Lake.

December 2009:
Gymbaroo. James travelling on business. Engagement parties. Fleetwood Mac. Farewell party. Bon Voyage Tim. Christmas time. Presents. Stress. New Years Eve on the balcony. Watched fireworks. Bed.

January 2010:
Started road trip on Jan 1st. Drove to Noosa with an overnighter in Glen Innes. Noosa. Australia Zoo. Bindi Irwin. Kangaroos. Crocs. Rain. Torrential Rain. Seafood. Beach. Drove home to Sydney with an overnighter in Armidale. Park. Play equipment. Too many stops at McDonalds to change nappies and buy happy meals. New beach house on the Central Coast. Bliss. Views. Salty breezes. Relax. Sleep. Read. Day Spa. Pool. Beach. Terrigal for lunches. Remembering my childhood. John Butler Trio. Oceans. Guitar. Tears.  Home from beach house. 2 days later, off to Melbourne. Stress. Away from Abigail. Avatar 3D. Tennis. Roger Federer. Icon. Legend. Crush. Serena. Venus. Andy Murray. Friends. Cookie. Shopping. Rockpool. Nobu. Home.

February 2010:
Mumford and Sons. Banjo. Vaccinations. Gymbaroo. Taylor Swift. Beautiful friend. Car shopping. Nightmare. Sales pitch. Negotiate. Land Rover purchased. Beach house for an extended weekend. Friends. BBQ. Winter Olympics. Valentine's Day. Overhyped. Family time. Old friends. Chinese food. Dumplings. New places. Open your eyes. Hugs and tears. James travelling back to Singapore. End of summer.

Britney Spears at Acer Arena, Sydney. This was the ONLY song she sang LIVE.

Fleetwood Mac at Acer Arena, Sydney. Stevie Nicks was amazing!!

James and Abigail on Christmas Eve, 2009

Christmas morning at the in-laws house. Santa remembered our house, yah!

New Years Eve 2009. We had a quiet BBQ on the balcony, just the McKinnon trio. Abi slept through the fireworks, thank goodness!

Drinking with Dora at the Surf Club in Noosa, January 2010.

Kisses from Abigail at the Surf Club.

Abi dancing to Bindi at Australia Zoo. Beerwah, QLD, January 2010.

Abi petting a crocodile at Australia Zoo. Beerwah, QLD, January 2010.

Nothing beats chocolate ice-cream in summer. Hastings Street, Noosa. January 2010.

North Entrance Beach. This is a 1 minute walk from the beach house on the Central Coast.

Me carrying Abigail down to the beach, January 2010.

Beautiful Toowoon Bay. Perfect beach weather. January 2010.

James and Abi taking a refreshing dip at Toowoon Bay.

James and I at the Australian Open 2010 at Melbourne Park.

Abigail and I playing in the waves. North Entrance Beach.

My beach babe Abigail.

Swinging through the last few days of summer at Centennial Park, Sydney.

Playing in Centennial Park, Abigail not 100% keen on the spinning pole.

Farewell summer. See you next December!



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