Thursday, February 18, 2010


And I'm only just starting my year now, in mid February!!

Due to taking an extended holiday over January, I feel like I'm starting my year now. I only just opened my fresh blank 2010 diary from Kikki-K this week. And because I'm slightly anxious (hmmm) I already feel guilty for having my head in the clouds since Xmas Eve, when I officially started holidaying.

Can you blame me though for extending my holiday when I woke up every day in January to this?

Am trying to keep fit and have pushed myself to exercise every day this week. I walked 4kms today with Abigail in the pram, and by the end of the walk, I was completely flushed and covered in sweat. Pity me, because I have to walk past a whole heap of beautiful, corporate attired, mid 20's women, who probably think I look like a candidate for The Biggest Loser...

Next week I have an appointment with a dietition to talk about making changes, eating healthy and lifestyle habits. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

My Pop who had a serious stroke last week has been moved from intensive care to a ward. His speech has been affected and he can no longer walk for more than a few metres at a time, but apart from that, he is ok. I will hopefully visit him on the weekend.

J is off to Singapore next weekend for business. He asked if Abigail and I would like to go with him, which would be fun. I'd love to see all my Singaporean friends, but living out of a hotel room for 2 weeks with a toddler takes its toll... on everyone!

Abigail has just drifted off to sleep, so I'm hoping to have a cheeky nanna-nap while she is down.



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