Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4 days ago...

After Abigail slept for 14 hours after her birthday, YES, 14 hours overnight, we had a slow start on Sunday and couldn't decide how to occupy our day.

The rain showers ruled out the playground and park so I suggested we check out Chatswood Chase mall on the lower north shore to see the recent renovations and to enjoy some dumplings for lunch.

Parking was a breeze, which stunned me. Hundreds of spare spots on every level, at 1pm on a Sunday. We parked and off we went.

I know some people aren't into malls, but after living in Singapore, I love mall shopping. And I've found my new favourite mall in Sydney. The Chase was quiet and peaceful. No loud music blaring over the PA system. I didn't feel anxious at all, which often happens when we visit Bondi Westfields. Can you blame me though, that place is mental!

We went down to Lower Ground to find a restaurant called 'New Shanghai' which I heard rave reviews about their dumplings. After a 15 minute wait for a table, we were given the rockstar table right at the front. Abigail ate all her packed lunch and love sitting up on the big red stool next to us. Luckily I had pencils in my bag, and Abi decorated her shanghainese menu.

We ordered way too much food as usual but couldn't wait to sample all these yummy things. As soon as I bit into the first xiao long bao (soup dumpling), it took me back to Sunday mornings in Singapore when we brunched on dumplings every weekend without fail. It reminded me of happy times in Singapore when Abi was a wee newborn and she would sleep while we sipped jasmine tea and dunked dumplings in vinegar and soy sauces.

Abi didn't try any dumplings but that's ok. She had a few spoonfuls of fried rice and then back to the drawing.

We walked off our lunch, checking out the gorgeous shops like Sass and Bide, Ralph Lauren, Natuzzi, Mothercare, Sambag, Seed, Alannah Hill, Gorman and more. I didn't get to Wheel&Barrow but I will next time.

Free parking on a Sunday afternoon, we whizzed out of the carpark and were home in 10 minutes. We really enjoyed our afternoon in Chatswood and I'll definately be back soon.

When we arrived home, a storm was rolling in and the view from the balcony was delightful. Abi and James played with her new 'Alphie' toy on the sofa. We shared leftover dumplings and noodles for dinner which were devine. Silky and smooth dumplings. And our weekend was over.


  1. We must go! I am a dumpling fiend!

  2. Yes I agree - I love Chatswood Chase - super good!



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