Friday, October 9, 2009


It's a good friend's 30th Birthday party tonight. I have NOTHING to wear, as usual. I'm thinking jeans, a black blazer, ballet flats and scarf will suffice.

We are dropping Abi off to my Mums house for her 2nd official sleep-over. We left Abi with Mum last Wednesday night to go see Bad Religion at The Hordern Pavilion. It was the 1st night I had ever spent away from Abi and I really struggled. I had a mild panic attack at the concert, thinking about not being with her when she woke up. Probably sounds stupid I know, I should have enjoyed my night off from motherhood.

Bad Religion. One of my favourite bands of the 90's.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be better tonight.

It's rainy and wet and windy today. Total indoor weather. I hope the rain holds off tonight, we are walking to the party from the apartment and don't really want to carry our massive golf umbrella with a certain bank logo on it ;)

I'm going to get my hair done at Global Hair in Paddington this evening, before the party. My hair is in that real "nothing" phase at the moment. Haven't had my hair cut or coloured in... forever!

Watched the first 4 episodes of Season 3 of Gossip Girl last night. It's not the most amazing show anymore, but I like watching it for the youth appeal, music and fashion.

Gossip Girl cast

Am off to pack an overnight bag for Abigail.


Land ahoy!

Been awhile since my last post.

So, after 4 months of searching on real estate websites, spending every weekend with agents being shown crappy properties, James and I made the decision that we would rather build our own home.

We found a brilliant piece of land in the Hills District and are just about to sign contracts in the next few weeks.

Finally, we will have a place to call home! To be honest, I don't mind living in the city but it's not very convenient with a toddler. Plus all my kids classes like swimming lessons and Gymbaroo are out in the Hills District too.

Will post a pic of our land the next time we do a site visit.



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