Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Currently - The Autumn '13 Edition

Hello crisp mornings, dewy lawns, hoodies, scarves, gumboots and slippers. The seasons have shifted to darker, shorter days and soft sunlight. Sniffles are all around and big hearty meals are being cooked.

Autumn is here and as Jodi described in a brilliant post recently, I feel the change and every year it throws me off. I am still waiting on a diagnosis for my health issues, and the annual 'falling in a rut' feeling overcomes me. Healthy eating is out the window, social outings dwindle and I find myself feeling 'bored, stuck, on pause' when really I am completely the opposite right now. Life moving by so fast, baby growing, toddler developing, preschooler learning, that I realise I have to take better care of myself because I am responsible for 3 little people now.

Current Read
The course syllabus for a degree in Psychology. A dream of mine, to one day start (and complete) a degree in Psychology. Even reading the course outline inspires me.

Current Playlist


  • Phoenix - Bankrupt
  • Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience
  • James Blake - Overgrown
  • Owl Eyes - Night Swim
  • The Postal Service - Give Up
  • Oblivion - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack complied by M83

  • Daft Punk - Get Lucky
  • James Blake - Retrograde
  • Foals - My Number
  • Justin Timberlake - Spaceship Coupe
  • CHVRCHES - Recover
  • Pyramid - Wolf
  • Bernard Fanning - Watch Over Me (I walked down the aisle to this song on my wedding day. I heard it on The Voice this week and it reminded me how special the lyrics are. James and I appreciate this song now more than we did 6 years ago).
  • Rihanna - Stay
  • Florence and the Machine - Over the Love. Flo's new single from The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

Current Colour
Yellow for Harriet's pram. Blue for my beautiful painted house. Spots for bed linen. I paired my doona up with black pillow cases and yellow sheets.

Current Food
Warm, hearty meals like meatloaf, cottage pie, pasta, stir fry and porridge. 

Current Favourite Show
During the night feeds with Harriet, I've been watching reruns of Seinfeld and Ice Hockey games. I don't watch as much TV anymore but when I do, it's the new season of Mad Men, The News Room, & The Voice. Girls Season 3 is already in production which is awesome news too.

Current Movie
James finally set up the Apple TV he received for Xmas. We have watched Les Miserables and The Bachelorette. Argo, Ted and Flight are on my list to watch this weekend. I'd love to see Django Unchained but concerned about how violent it might be. 

Current Wish List
  • Gorgeous sunshine on mild Autumn days
  • A positive diagnosis on my bizarre health issue.
  • To be confident to take leaps. 
  • To be confident asking for help.

Current Highlight
I'm really enjoying my therapy sessions for treatment of anxiety. I had a rough session last week but on a whole, I thoroughly enjoy venting my issues and seeking a better path to change the way I think. 

I was blessed to finally meet Amelia 2 weekends ago. I had been counting down the weeks until her arrival and meeting her was such a blessing. You can read more about it on her blog, from her prospective. I will be doing my own post about the family photo session we did with her. It moved me to tears and I am still trying to process how beautiful the photos are. She is a truly special soul and I am glad to have her in my life. 

Photo by Amelia

James graduated from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in December and last Friday, we attended his graduation ceremony. To say I was proud was an understatement. He was one of the youngest in the graduating class, most of his peers well into their 40's and even 50's so to see my husband there at 32 years old, receiving his Masters of Business Administration, my heart swelled with pride and admiration. 

The house has been rendered and painted a gorgeous dark colour. It looks absolutely brilliant. Neighbours have been stopping on the lawn pointing, people driving past to get a glimpse of our never ending renovation. All we have to do now is the landscaping which will start very soon.

Current Lowlight
  • A potentially diagnosis of a bizarre disease looming in front of me. 
  • Adjusting to becoming a family of 5, I have days where the sheer business of it all leaves me exhausted and out of my element. Then I have good days where I remind myself to go gently.
  • Shorter days with less sunshine can make me a little batty. I crave lots of light, sunshine, breezes and warmth. Sometimes I forget how long the winter is.

Current Abigail
My eldest girl is just growing and learning and leaping in bounds as she approaches her 5th Birthday in a few months. Her writing skills have really improved and she loves to draw maps, write letters, colour in books, make craft and paint. She can finally swing on her own on the cubby/swing set. She loves her little sister Harriet so much and pretends to breastfeed her little dolls too. She is a wonderful helper, fetching nappies, burp clothes and toys. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

She loves wearing these oversized toy glasses

Managed to catch this gorgeous image on my iphone, so beautiful

Current Edward
My little man is no longer little. This week he moved into his big bed and seems to be adjusting well. He loves to play with Abi and misses her terribly when she is at pre-school. He is very gentle with Harriet, stroking her head and calming her when she cries. His hair is a long mop of mess, very overdue for a haircut. He loves Monsters Inc and I dare say, his first trip to the cinema will be in 2 months when Monsters University is released. He enjoys having the tradesmen working on the renovation, he watches them all day and asks questions about the work they perform. He loves planes, trucks and helicopters, pointing to the sky when they fly over. We had a small intimate party for his 2nd birthday with just family and 1 set of friends, it was perfect. 

The boy on his 2nd Birthday

Photo by Amelia

Current Harriet
My youngest babe is 12 weeks old tomorrow. I'm still in the thick of the newborn haze and it feels like she was born last week. I already miss those squishy newborn cuddles. Her weight gain has been steady and she is nearly 4.5kgs. She smiles almost the entire time she is awake and is enjoying laying on the mat, swipping at hanging toys. She is a very easy going baby, seldom cries and feeds well. I feel like I've known her for years, and some days all I do is hold her on the sofa, kissing & talking to her. And I wonder why I get nothing done sometimes! 

Taken last week during bath time - 10 weeks old

Current Celeb Crush
Justin Timberlake + Suit and Tie = swoon. Jessica Biel is one lucky lady.

Current Blessing
  • New clothes from asos that aren't maternity items. Hooray for new jeans and winter jumpers.
  • Short, fun family outings. Taking 3 small children requires a level of planning but last weekend we hopped in the car and went for dumplings at Din Tai Fung and picked up some Zumbarons from Adriano Zumbo on the way home. It was a short outing, but thoroughly enjoyed by all. Other family outings have included fish n chips on Balmoral Beach, dumplings in the city, a wedding in Stanmore followed by a drive to show the kids the first house James and I lived in together, and various park and picnic playdates.
Balmoral Beach

Current Excitement
  • Planning a little family getaway for Mother's Day, we all need a few days away!
  • My husband, sister and father-in-law all celebrating Birthday's in May.
  • Another family vacation planned in November to the Yacht Club Villas on Hamilton Island. Bring on the sun in the gorgeous Whitsundays!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Harriet the Doll

Seeing as my last post was so serious and sad, I thought I would post an update on my latest wee babe Harriet Pearl.

She is the light of our lives. A wonderful sleeper and has already slept through many nights. Last night, her final feed of the day was at 9:30pm and she didn't stir until 6:15am. Yes, my bosoms were rock hard when she woke but I was grateful for the sleep. 

She is a great feeder although this week we hit our first speed-bump with a case of thrush (me) and as a result of this, Hattie has been vomiting up blood. It's rather confronting to see a 9 week old baby covered in what looks like strawberry jam puke, so I have decided today to pump from the sore/infected side until the blood disperses. Wish me luck, I am in foreign territory here. I had mastitis with both Abi and Ted but never thrush. I also have a razor throat today and hope she doesn't catch a potential virus from me.  To say I've had a crummy week, is a major underestimation.

Abi and Ted love their new sister to bits. They often help with settling her, bringing me nappies and wipes, burp clothes and my feeding pillow. They want to hold her at any given chance and to them, she is probably like a doll, considering she is still quite small. This week, Harriet weighs in at 4.01kgs so James and I are stoked that she is really thriving now.

Time certainly flies with a 3rd child in the home. Since Harriet has come along, we have run out of hot water, had folding bursting from the laundry, shed tears of joy and laughter. Life as a family of 5 is big change, but a lovely one.

A thoughtful friend of mine gifted me with the Baby Milestone card set when Harriet was born. They are absolutely adorable and I have had so many comments since I started using them. Here is the a couple of the photos below;

I feel like I've known Harriet for years. She is quiet and peaceful and seldom cries. Sometimes when she sleeps, she literally looks like a doll. She is smiling and coo'ing and kicking her legs in her bouncer. I cannot wait for every day to begin with her in my life. 

The Waiting Game

Hi friends,

The last few days have been some of the hardest in memory.

I looked in the mirror on the long weekend and barely recognised the woman staring back at me. I looked tired, sad and distant.

As I write this post, I am dealing with some pretty heavy personal health issues that ravage me with serious emotional ups and downs.

Next week, I have a hearing test booked. Then another appointment with my GP whom I've seen twice in the last two weeks. There is talks of seeing a neurologist and ENT as well. MRI and Cat Scans, Audiograms and blood tests have been ordered.

At the moment, the outlook is uncertain. But I am potentially going to be diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, an incurable disorder of the ears. What this means, is that I'll suffer from it for the rest of my life. We don't know what triggered it off, most likely my recent pregnancy. Since pregnancy increases the retaining of fluid, this has triggered off a serious of symptoms that my Ob-Gyn, GP and nurses couldn't find a diagnosis for.

My symptoms are severe. I don't have any warning when an attack will strike, but when it does, I am bed ridden for days with vertigo and tinnitus, followed by days of fuzziness in the head. I cannot take medication as I am breastfeeding Harriet who is only 8 weeks old.

My family have been concerned about my well being for months and as my Mum checked in on me this week after another appointment with my GP,  she mentioned that my uncle has Meniere's Disease too. So we do have a family history of the illness.

I had an attack on Friday night which really frightened me. My last attack was early January and it was mild at best. I convinced myself that after I gave birth, the symptoms would disperse and I would recover.

Our family plans for Easter were cancelled. I felt guilty all weekend, watching the kids become bored inside. They didn't seem to mind, watching movies, doing craft and building lego. But I was overwhelmed with guilt, knowing that this could be a common part of our future as a family. Plans being cancelled, and my children watching me become bed ridden and unable to care for them. During an attack I am barely able to care for myself as the symptoms make driving, cooking, even doing basic things like going to the toilet impossible. I think deep down this is the worst part of the disease, that I will always need someone to care for me when I become symptomatic.

Treatment for the disease is different for everyone. Some people claim a low sodium diet helps, as salt retains fluid in the body. Most people treat the vertigo with heavy medication like Valium to calm themselves during an attack.

I guess I can't get too carried away with all this information until it has been confirmed. But as my usual anxious self, I have already pictured a life, living with this disease and it what that will entail for my family and myself.

I am seeing my therapist next week and will be able to get some techniques to deal with the anger and denial that I am feeling.

It's a waiting game, for results and relying on the professionals for more information and advice.

I will know more soon, until then xx

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

She's Here...

Welcome to the world Harriet Pearl McKinnon. She made her early arrival into the world on February 1st 2013 at 5:56pm weighing a slight 2.85kgs, measuring 49cms long.

I cannot believe it's been nearly 2 years since I posted about welcoming Ted into my life. He turns 2 next month and seems like he has grown SO much since arriving home from the hospital with Harriet.

My c-section went really well, it was quiet and intimate and I wasn't *too* nervous. My milk has come in and Harriet and I are bonding and feeding well. She is smaller than we had expected but is thriving nonetheless.

More photos to come!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Currently - The Summer '13 Edition

Welcome 2013! Tomorrow is the 1st of February, marking the last month of summer before the year really swings into action. Big things happening this week and I'm super excited to share it with you all.

Current Read
The manual for my new Canon 7D, my amazing Xmas gift from James and the kids.

Current Playlist


  • Flume - Flume
  • Ellie Goulding - Halcyon
  • Alt-J - An Awesome Wave
  • Clubfeet - Heirs and Graces
  • Toro Y Moi - Anything in Return
  • The Rubens - The Rubens
  • II - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • Tame Impala - Lonerism


Current Colour
Green for long grass. White for the nursery walls. Yellow, just because. 

Current Food
Chicken, mineral water, cereal, fish, apple juice, popcorn.

Current Favourite Show
I am trying to get into Masterchef Professionals but it seems to lack something this year. HBO's Girls Season 2 started 3 weeks ago and I am love with this show. Please tune in now if you have missed the boat so far. 

Current Movie
After a mammoth week last week, James was exhausted so I relinquished TV rights and let him pick. We watched the newish Mission Impossible movie: Ghost Protocol which I didn't mind. Not too gory but still a little violent and intense for me being a pregnant wuss at the moment. 

I took Abi to see Wreck it Ralph last week as well, wanting to have a Mummy+Daughter day before baby makes an appearance very soon. She liked it but I think at 4.5 yrs old, alot of the storyline went over her head and by the end she was well and truly ready to leave.

Current Wish List
  • Safe and healthy arrival of our baby coming VERY soon! Watch this space.
  • Continued success at therapy sessions.
  • A warm February to soak in the last of the summer.

Current Highlight
So many to mention these last few weeks. I was sick in hospital 3 weeks ago and James rose to the occasion like never before. All my family were interstate or overseas so we had literally no help except my sister. I was truly grateful for the little help I had. 

I have overcome my desire to need to be in control so much and have hired a cleaner for the next 6 months to help keep the house in order and I have a nanny working for me 1 day a week. I don't feel guilty because I have learned to not push away help anymore. I feel comfortable knowing that the nanny won't be forever, it is a temporary hire and I am relieved to know the kids won't miss out on attention while I settle and adjust with the new baby.

Current Lowlight
I have been feeling sick on and off for the last month of pregnancy. My ears have been blocked which has lead to dizzy spells and vertigo attacks. 3 weeks ago, I spent 2 days in hospital with a virus + dehydration + migraine. It was really unpleasant and took me another week to full recover from. I am more than ready to have this baby!
My Ob/Gyn whom I adore required heart surgery over New Year and is no longer delivering the baby. I am seeing another Dr who I trust and admire but the initial shock of changing Dr's so late in the pregnancy really rattled me. 
My parents will be overseas when baby will be delivered. I can say I am at peace with the decision now but again, the initial shock and lack of help really threw me a few weeks ago. I discussed these issues with my therapist and I feel confident that we will cope with what little resources we will have during the delivery and aftercare of the birth.

Current Abigail
My little angel is growing up so much. She seems to have a growth spurt every few weeks and she matures so quickly. This year, she is attending pre-school 3 days per week and seems to adjusting well to the extra day of learning. I shed tears as she proudly put on her sports uniform for her new kindy at her prep school, she was so proud dressing herself in a "real uniform". I'm glad I still have another 12 months to prepare myself for the REAL kindergarten! Abi is beyond excited about baby's arrival. She talks about it most days, and is very excited as her bedroom is across the hall from the nursery. 

Abi and Ted on her 1st day at the Early Learning Centre Kindy at her Prep School. 

Abi loving the leftover sparklers from New Years Eve. I see myself as a child in this photo of her.

Current Edward
The little man of the house isn't very little anymore. At 23 months old, he is blossoming into the most gorgeous boy. His language is coming along really well and he is linking words which is fantastic. He spends most of his time playing outside on his scooter, digging in the garden and following his Daddy around the house. The playroom is full of trains and trucks and books much to his pleasure. Abi and Ted amuse themselves for hours which is such a blessing to watch. I don't think he understands that he won't be the baby much longer but I am confident he will adapt quickly to becoming a family of 5.

Ted wearing his DJ Lance hat from Yo Gabba Gabba. 

My Super Ted!

Current Celeb Crush
Paul Rudd. I have loved him since 'Clueless'. I recently watched 'Wanderlust' with him and Jennifer Aniston. The movie was woeful but Mr Rudd is a sexy sexy man. 

Current Blessing
  • James has taken an unexpected extended break over January to help with the kids while I've been sick and I couldn't love him more for his generosity.
  • Enjoying the last few days of pregnancy. While I really want 4 children, I am still considering the idea that this could be my last time carrying and nurturing a baby in my body. I am so blessed to have this joy in my life.
  • We had some small renovations take place last week which actually ran ON TIME with no delays. We have new windows throughout the house with new sliding doors and louvre windows too. Now we have more natural light throughout the house than ever before, it looks amazing.
  • On a personal note, I have only gained 2.5kgs during this pregnancy. I did gain more but lost it when I was in hospital recently. I was very careful what I ate this time around and am glad all my hard work at the gym hasn't gone to waste with a huge overeating binge during these last few months.

Current Excitement
  • Baby's imminent arrival very soon.
  • Sharing my joy with no less than 6 other friends who are all due in the next few days/weeks. A dear friend of mine gave birth to a boy on Saturday and I love that we can share the amazing relationship that is motherhood.
  • Ted's 2nd Birthday coming up next month. No party is on the cards yet but he will have a terrific celebration I am sure of.
  • Change of seasons is almost here. While I love summer and all her glory, I do love the change every 3 months. I am looking forward to wearing jeans and ugg boots and rugging up with my loves.
  • I received an apple green Kitchen Aid for Xmas and I am in love with it. I'd love to hear of your favourite recipes or creations as I am quite the novice baker. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The time has come, the big day is almost upon us.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone who reads this teeny tiny blog. I hope the festive season brings you much happiness, love and laughter.

Please drive safely on our roads and take care of one another. 

At this very moment, the kids are off at Grandma's house while I wrap the last gifts to go into the Santa sacks and under the tree. 

Tomorrow we are having a huge family lunch at my parent's house, then my inlaws are heading over for a hot dinner with all the trimmings.  I'm sure to weigh a few kilos more than I currently do, when I see my Obstetrician on Thursday to check on wee little baby. 

Be safe and merry.


Image from Able and Game, where I purchased all my Xmas cards. Check them out!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Currently - The Spring '12 Edition

As spring draws to a close and the year wraps itself up, I find myself with so much on my mind but can't find the time to put it down.

Hopefully 2013 will be a better year for me to put words down on a regular basis. I have missed reading and writing blogs in these last few months.

Current Read
Real Living, Christmas catalogues, cooking books.

Current Playlist


  • Flume - Flume
  • Triple J's Like A Version 8
  • Triple J's Like A Version Anthology
  • The Weeknd - Trilogy
  • Calvin Harris - 18 Months
  • Lamb - Fear of Fours
  • Of Monsters and Men - My Head is an Animal
  • Sarah Blasko - I Awake


Current Colour
White and yellow for peaches. Purple for agapanthus. Red and green for Christmas. Neon decorations from Little Paper Lane

Current Food
Fruit, cereal, banana bread, skewers, raita, wraps, BBQ chicken, salads. 

Current Favourite Show
Just finished the latest season of Downton Abbey which was brilliant. The new season of Geordie Shore started last week, my only trashy indulgence. After watching it, I involuntarily use words like "mortal, mint, birds, knob and slapper". It's trashy TV of the highest decree. 

Current Movie
I saw the latest James Bond movie today, Skyfall which I quite enjoyed. It wasn't too violent for me. My husband is a fan so I treated him to Gold Class tickets. Javier Bardem played a brilliant villain. Last week I saw the final installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn II. It was probably the best of all the movies, but I outgrew the series awhile back.

Current Wish List
  • A simple but essential family break over the holiday season. James has just set up his own consultancy firm and has been working days, nights, weekends, almost in his sleep. A break is on the cards for everyone.
  • I've had a few vertigo attacks lately which are debilitating. I hope it's a very long time before I have another one.
  • Good health and holiday spirit.
  • Backyard/landscaping renovations to begin and END on time. 

Current Triumphs
Not me personally, but James is about to sit his final exam for his MBA. Which means many things. He will hold his Masters of Business degree. No more uni classes or exams ever! He also started his own consultancy firm with his father. And they have already signed on a big client in their first few weeks of operation. To say I'm proud is an understatement. He took that leap this year and left a multi national company where he had worked for nearly 12 years! And now he has the freedom to work for himself doing what he loves. Life changing year for him.

Current Abigail
Little miss Abi is growing into the most gorgeous little soul. She loves playing with her brother, although we have had some heated moments lately. She enjoys going to pre-school and spending time with her friends. She loves swimming lessons and riding her scooter. Her book collection has overtaken her chest of drawers and reading is one of her daily vigils. These photos were taken a few weeks ago on a family trip to Hamilton Island. 

I see a teenage face when I look at Abi in this photo. 

Current Edward
Ted is a fully fledged little toddler. He requires haircuts more often than Abi needed at this age, his hair just grows and such a rapid rate. He worships his sister but has friendships with a few kids closer to his age and plays quite well for a 19 month old. He loves dominos, blocks, nuts and bolts, books with sound effects, his Brio train set, and riding in his Cozy Coupe car outside. He is interested in bugs, ants, butterflies and anything airborne like planes and helicopters. 

Brother and Sister sitting on Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Playing at the beach house on the coast

Current Celeb Crush
Matthew Crawley. The sexiest do-gooder on Downton Abbey.

Current Blessing

And blessed I am. This week marks my pregnancy at 28 weeks. I have to admit, this pregnancy has been the hardest of the 3. Indigestion, carpal tunnel, vertigo and sheer exhaustion have slowed me down but not deterred my excitement that in 11 weeks, James and I will welcome another baby into the world. We know the gender which we are trying (and failing) to keep secret. Abi is beyond excited to become a big sister again. I fear Ted might struggle with the new baby, as he will be 22 months old when he becomes the middle child. We will take those first weeks slowly as we adjust to a family of 5. 

Current Excitement
  • Summer will be here in a matter of days. I cannot wait for late afternoon swims, fish n chips, freshly cut lawns, flowers blooming, decorating the house for my favourite festive holiday and enjoying the last few weeks of 2012.
  • Trying to decide on a name for baby.
  • Watching the kids want to help out in the kitchen and help around the house. 
  • Celebrating James's MBA completion next week.
  • Only 31 sleeps till Santa comes to town.

Current App
  • Weatherzone for my daily weather forecast.
  • What To Expect When You Are Expecting for my daily/weekly pregnancy updates.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Currently - The Winter Edition

Long time no see. Winter has led me into a blogging hibernation. Sickness plagues our home this week. The days are short but seem long. Big changes are happening right now, to each and every member of this household. Read on.

Current Read
Online hotel websites, blogs, new books from Abi's 4th Birthday. 

Current Playlist

  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble
  • Django Django - Django Django
  • Van She - Ideas of Happiness
  • The Cast of Cheers - Family
  • Beach House - Bloom
  • Last Dinosaurs - In A Million Years
  • Twin Shadow - Confess


Current Colour
Neon and pastels for jeans. Blue for those cold wintery Sydney skies. Orange for citrus fruits growing on my trees. Yellow for the sunshine, which is almost here.

Current Food
Curries, stir-frys, cereals, buttery toast, iced coffee, veggies and the odd burger here and there.

Current Favourite Show
The whole family has been watching the Olympics together. We like the Weightlifting, Archery, Hockey and can't wait for the Athletics to begin. The new season of True Blood is as boring as ever. Seinfeld re-runs are keeping me sane. 

Current Movie
Nothing but classics here. Weekend at Bernies, Dirty Dancing, Dodgeball, Heavyweights.

Current Wish List
  • Winter be gone. I don't usually wish things away but winter is something I am ready to see the back of. Bring on spring and all her glory.
  • Direction. Our family is in a rut, going through some massive changes and we have had to re-adjust many aspects of our lives. 
  • A simple birthday celebration for my 31st Birthday in 3 weeks. 

Current Triumphs
The weight loss has slowed down a little, but at the moment I've lost 18kgs since January. That's 3 dress sizes. I'm wearing old clothes that haven't fit me for years. I still have a long way to go, but I have to be proud of what I've achieved.

Current Abigail
My big girl just turned 4 two weeks ago. We celebrated with a lovely 'Belle and Boo' themed tea party. The guest list was small, the food was simple and the day was effortless. My in-laws helped out which was a blessing. My parents are on their annual European adventure and missed the party but we face-timed them and Abi got to see her Nanna and Pa, live from their balcony on their Mediterranean cruise. Technology really amazes me sometimes. 
She likes playing with Barbies, doing craft every morning, colouring in and playing Reading Eggs on my Mac. She has started to wear little high heels around the house, which scares me most days. 4 going on 14. She received lots of new books for her Birthday which we have been reading every night. 

Current Edward
The baby has left the building. Teddy is officially a toddler and the tantrums come and go. He is walking, climbing, singing, laughing, eating like a machine, and growing in front of our eyes. He is cutting 3 new teeth at the moment, oh the joys. Lots of new words like yes, yum, bye bye, hi and shoes. He is a little blessing who worships his sister and missed her terribly when she is Pre-School. Cuddles, hot showers, long baths, In The Night Garden, books, blocks and the cubby house are his favourite things right now.

Current Celeb Crush
Christian Bale. The sexiest super-hero that ever lived. 

Current Blessing
The kids are happy and growing, my husband is the happiest he has been in a long time, spring is almost here, and all in all, feeling very grateful for what I have in life right now. Yes, there are unknowns ahead but I know I can embrace them head on.

Current Excitement
  • Did I mention spring yet? Sunshine, salty air, fresh cut grass, warmer evenings, growth, new beginnings, everything that comes with spring.
  • We are waiting to see if Abi has been accepted to the Early Learning Centre at her new Prep School. 
  • Another round of renovations is about to start. This will finally conclude all the work we had planned for this dumpy dwelling. It's now 80% finished and we can't wait to add the finishing touches.
  • New furniture coming from Oz Design, Domayne and NEW wallpaper that has been ordered. Check it out here. I needed advice before making such a big choice and Beth helped me make my decision. Thanks girl. 
  • 3 weeks till my Birthday. All I want is dumplings!
  • My whole family is heading to Hamilton Island in October for a week. 9 adults, 4 kids and lots of smiles. We are all so excited and talk about it weekly. 

Current App
Shazam for new music.
Scramble with Friends. My sister and I have been playing this like crazy!


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